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7 Reasons BTL Activities are Important for Brand Marketing

January 14, 2023
Marketing activities play a significant role in helping brands reach their target audiences, increase brand visibility and, ultimately, increase sales. Of all the marketing tactics available out there today, below-the-line (BTL) activities are increasingly seen as one of the most powerful ways for businesses to engage with potential customers. BTL is an invaluable means for […]

Business Marketing: Follow These Steps to Grow Your Business

August 1, 2022
Business thrives well and faster as it gets more visible to the public. This way, more potential customers and alliances are formed to help the business grow. Branding, promotions, research, blogs, and social media are ways people market their business. As the competition keeps growing, ensuring your business stands out and you can reach more […]

Low-Budget Mascot Marketing Hacks For Small Businesses

August 1, 2022
Money is one of the most significant matters for small business owners. When you run a company on a shoestring budget, you expect to save every dollar you possibly can. Thankfully, there are ways to do it, provided you are creative and resourceful. You can apply a few creative ideas to mascot marketing to get […]

7 Best Social Media Campaigns Your Brand Can Draw Inspiration From In 2022

June 6, 2022
It wasn't that long ago (around the turn of the decade) when social media was still a newfangled thing in business. In some respects, this is still true, with so much room for improvement around how to better utilize social platforms for marketing and other key functions (i.e. employee recruiting). But, the fact of the […]

A Guide to Conducting a Killer Marketing Survey

May 22, 2022
The success of your business depends on how accurately you meet the needs of your target audience. Nothing gets it right on the money than getting your customers’ opinions. Market surveys allow your target audience to express their needs. It gives you clarity when iterating a product, introducing a new offering to the market, or […]

4 Additional Ways To Promote Your Business That Require Little Effort

April 29, 2022
Promoting your business correctly is essential for success. Unfortunately, the general public has become increasingly aware of traditional marketing techniques, which means that they tend to ignore some of the larger advertising strategies. However, you should never give up on self-promotion. All you need to do is find extra ways to promote yourself that the […]

How To Measure Your Business Brand Awareness

February 28, 2022
Brand awareness is a powerful tool that will turn your target audience into loyal customers. An audience that is not aware of your existence will not be in a position to support your business. One school of thought associated with measuring business brand awareness is that it is a pointless exercise that adds no value […]

Marketing Strategy: Tips To Successfully Structure A Plan

February 22, 2022
Planning a marketing strategy for a business is no easy task. It requires research and careful examination of different factors affecting your business or company. To help business owners develop a cohesive plan, we have gathered recommendations from various professionals.  First, we have Megan Brown, the owner of MB Marketing. After working with scores of […]

How To Grow Your Small Business with Marketing?

January 9, 2022
With so many businesses offering comparable services and goods in an overcrowded market, it's difficult for a small business to stand apart. A well-thought-out marketing strategy may help you carve out a niche for your company in the market and position it for long-term success. Here are a few crucial marketing strategies to jump-start your […]
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