4 Additional Ways To Promote Your Business That Require Little Effort

April 29, 2022
4 Additional Ways To Promote Your Business That Require Little Effort

Promoting your business correctly is essential for success. Unfortunately, the general public has become increasingly aware of traditional marketing techniques, which means that they tend to ignore some of the larger advertising strategies. However, you should never give up on self-promotion. All you need to do is find extra ways to promote yourself that the general public isn’t aware of. Read on to find out how to achieve this with little effort. 

Printed T-Shirts 

Your staff is the face of your business. They are the people your customers will interact with most,  which makes them an unofficial representative for your product. Therefore, you can use this interaction to your advantage. 

Ordering printed t-shirts from a wholesaler like Screentextiles LTD is a great way to forge an association between your employee’s great service and your business. What’s more, people will see your logo when they are out and about, giving you the extra promotional push that you need while also clothing your staff. 


As time moves on, people develop new ways of interacting with the world around them. In the digital age, most of us choose to gain information via the internet. This is why there are so many blog pages out there. 

Any company can start a professional blog about its business. It doesn’t have to be self-promotional either. All you need to do is find tangential topics to write about and link them back to your business. This brings more web traffic to your site, which is only going to result in more sales. 

Offer Deals 

The only way your customers can truly vouch for your product is by trying it for themselves.  Unfortunately, the general public is wary of new things, which means it can be difficult to break into the market. 

The best way to spread positive word of mouth is by offering your initial customers a reason to give you a chance. A free sample or a deal that offers a reduced price can get your product out there. You may lose a small amount of profit to start with, but this free promotion tactic can bring more sales to your door. 


Email is one of the most popular ways to communicate due to its speed and cost-effectiveness.  Therefore, you should always look to use emails to your advantage.  

It is standard practice for companies to create an email list of all their previous customers. This requires you to ask for their email address whenever they make a purchase. Then, craft a catch-all promotional email and send it to all your customers in one go. This approach reminds people of your business while also offering you a free and quick promotional message. 


Self-promotion is best when it is low-key. Huge T.V campaigns are now out of date and not to mention expensive. You will find that you will get more results by following the promotional practices above. What’s more, these tactics will cost you very little so give them a try when you have the chance.

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