7 Best Social Media Campaigns Your Brand Can Draw Inspiration From In 2022

April 10, 2023
7 Best Social Media Campaigns Your Brand Can Draw Inspiration From In 2022

It wasn't that long ago (around the turn of the decade) when social media was still a newfangled thing in business. In some respects, this is still true, with so much room for improvement around how to better utilize social platforms for marketing and other key functions (i.e. employee recruiting). But, the fact of the matter is that social media has revolutionized the face of business — no one can deny that.

Social media has modernized the way businesses conduct marketing and how consumers engage with brands. As a result, consumer-generated content (CGC) has a greater influence on marketers today than it ever had in the past. Both big and small brands are utilizing social media to reach their products and services to their target audience in the most organic way possible. However, for some social media campaigns, posts that went viral have surpassed millions of likes and followers! These are campaigns you should draw motivation from if you're planning your next social media campaign.

1. Airbnb

The hotel industry struggled a great deal at the beginning of the pandemic, and everything came to a halt as traveling stopped. During such times, Airbnb stayed connected with their consumers (both hosts and guests) and offered subsidized or free housing to Covid-19 respondents. In this way, the frontline health workers could find residence closer to their workplace. This was also an excellent way for them to protect their loved ones by not exposing them to the virus daily. The crux of the matter here is that Airbnb stayed relevant and used social media to reach out to their consumers to keep their business afloat while having a positive impact.

If you’re struggling with campaign ideas, you should consider Socialsales.io or other companies that help businesses utilize social media to stay engaged with their existing consumers and come up with brilliant campaign ideas to attract more.

2. YouTube

No matter what anyone says, YouTube has been the leading brand name when it comes to digital videos! The past few years saw many other applications make a dent in the popularity of YouTube. But YouTube bounced back better and stronger with this amazing new feature. It was a way to let the competitors know that you cannot mess with the king!

The social media campaign was called the "shorter side of YouTube," and it's a new feature that featured short-form videos. The goal was to compete with other platforms like TikTok and Vine by offering content creators a place to upload their 15-second clips and receive more views, as well as advertising dollars.

3. Spotify

What a beautiful way to WRAP up the year! Spotify launched a new feature by the end of the year 2021 that curated a playlist of users’ most played tunes, artists, or podcasts with brilliant visuals to keep the people hooked on to the application. It used up the old concept of “year in review” but modernized it with personalization with a click (which everyone loves, of course!) and its share-ability. Each slideshow was created in a format that could easily be shared on social media in just one click.

People went ballistic over Facebook and Instagram to share their personalized playlists with their friends. It also led to a 21% increase in app downloads in the first month of the launch.

4. Dove

Research along the lines of your products and brand's identity is extremely important when it comes to getting the message out there on social media. The key is to know what your brand is about and sell it in a way that promotes business and gains momentum. Dove effectively managed to do it all with their campaign "#PassTheCrown."

Dove conducted many surveys ad discovered that 70% of the women feel that they aren't represented in media and advertising. A significant number of women felt discriminated against based on their hair type due to lack of representation. Pass the Crown campaign aimed at embracing natural hair without any judgment. They teamed up with Color of Change, Western Centre, and the National Urban League to get the message across.

5. Cadbury

The famous Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt could not go through in the UK in 2022 like usual due to covid-19 restrictions. In the previous years, the brand worked with National Trust parks to plan a fun-filled day for the entire family that included games, activities, crafts, etc. But 2022 was not looking good. Fortunately, the brilliant minds at Cadbury did not give up and instead came up with a bigger campaign than before. They went global!

 The Easter Egg Hunt 2022 offered to hide the egg anywhere in the world, on a map for your loved ones with clues for them to find. Users could purchase real eggs and send them to their loved ones once they were successful in finding them on the map. Although it was virtual, the fun didn't die!

6. National Geographic

National Geographic has time and time again announced its intent to continue conserving wildlife and preserves. Their mission encircles educating people around the world with the knowledge that they need to actively protect the natural heritage and inspire generations to respect wild places and species.

Their campaign “#ThinkBeforeYouLike" aimed at protecting pet cheetah cubs. The brand warned users to think before liking images and posts of people who brag about petting baby cheetah cubs. It may seem that one single like wouldn't harm anyone or anything. But the message being sent through this campaign is that "liking" encourages trafficking, which is put the beautiful cheetahs in danger. So think before you like it!

7. Netflix

Netflix was a savior for those who were too sick to leave their houses or stuck in a distant country due to travel restrictions. The service was there for them when nothing else was. But the streaming service offered something that no other could: a platform to talk!

Netflix launched their campaign “Wanna Talk About It?” with Instagram in April 2020 by giving people a voice to talk about their fears of this confusing time. It was a weekly live session where tips were given for smooth sailing through these tough times. It continued to address other raging problems like mental health, sexual violence, abuse, etc.


If you're looking to create the next big social media campaign, the key is to understand your brand and its target audience. That's how you'll generate a campaign that captures the essence of your business and delivers it in an impactful way. It's important to be genuine, keep things focused on a specific objective, and use the right tools to engage followers. Most importantly, your brand must know what it wants from its social media campaigns. Make no mistake; social media is a marketing platform for which you need to have a strategy. Whether you handle your campaigns, have someone on your team who handles it, or farm it out to a full-fledged agency - there is a ton of opportunity with the right campaign at the right time. You will see how much power a creative and well-done marketing campaign has on social media in the coming years.

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