A Guide to Conducting a Killer Marketing Survey

May 22, 2022
A Guide to Conducting a Killer Marketing Survey

The success of your business depends on how accurately you meet the needs of your target audience. Nothing gets it right on the money than getting your customers’ opinions. Market surveys allow your target audience to express their needs. It gives you clarity when iterating a product, introducing a new offering to the market, or gauging the success of a product. A market survey will help you understand the efficacy of your messaging in communicating your company value. However, a market survey is only effective when you do it correctly. Here is a guide on how to conduct a killer market survey:

Set goals for the survey

You need to have objectives for your market survey to make the most of it. An ambiguous survey could bring information from all over the place that is difficult to analyze. Know why you want to do the market survey. Have a specific list of what you expect to find out from the research. Being precise with the predicted outcome will help you formulate the best questions. Your market survey will not be all over the place. Far from that, it will be objective-based, making it more likely to give you handy results.

Decide on how to do the survey

There are several ways to conduct a market survey. It could be through the phone, an interviewer, a questionnaire, etc. You could also do an online survey that will not have geographical limitations. Find tips for taking online surveys to help you make the most of it. The optimal approach will depend on your objectives and the specific information your hope to get from the survey. Your target audience and market potential also dictate the method you use.

Formulate good questions

The quality of your questions will determine the answers you get. You need to formulate questions that will give you the appropriate responses to help with decision-making. Start with simple questions that will ease the respondents. Bombarding them with complex questions on the get-go may be discouraging. It could also deter them from going on to the rest of the questions. Ensure that the questions are easy to understand. Your respondents need not feel like they are sitting for an exam. Since you want to pick the minds of your target audience, avoid leading questions that will steer their answers in a specific direction. That ruins your chances of getting their organic responses. Be sure to have the questions in a logical order. Begin with general ones and build up to more specific questions. That will give your respondents a chance to ease into and wrap their heads around the topic.

Have a target market

You cannot offer the market survey to anyone you meet on the streets. You have to know the demographic and target market that fits your objectives. Define your target market by their geographical location, age, or career bracket. Create a buyer persona and locate people relevant to that description to give them the market survey.

Wrapping up

The effectiveness of a market survey is hinged on getting things right from the start. You have got to set proper targets for the research and conduct the study with attention to detail. That said, this might be watered down if you do a shoddy job in the analysis stage. Try to draw insights from the data by analyzing the trends and finding from the survey. Remember, you don’t have to do it on your own. You can hire an expert to help conduct a survey on your behalf.

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