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Scott Parsons

Chuck Parsons

Executive Director of Events and Marketing
Before polishing his career in spearheading large business events, conferences, and gatherings across the United States, Canada, and other neighboring countries, our Executive Director of Events and Marketing Chuck Parsons has yielded his life virtues and goals in the city of Los Angeles.

Upon returning home to the sprawling city, Chuck has devoted his time to producing the best team he could form, who can expertly highlight why it is the best choice to build a business in Los Angeles, California.

Ruth Rosario

Executive Assistant to the CEO & Publisher
Ruth is Chuck's former Assistant Director of Events and Marketing and has been with our CEO for almost a decade before deciding to join him in bringing Los Angeles ahead in the business industry.

Now, Ruth is her own boss when it comes to deciding on which articles we'd put up on our website, upholding high-quality standards while providing great attention to detail.

Mae White

National Sales Manager
Mae spearheads our sales department and holds the responsibility of ensuring we keep up with the times and does our best to relate our service to the highest brands and quality businesses in Los Angeles.

Joesph Robicheaux

Marketing Coordinator
Joseph was a fresh marketing graduate when he started working for ScoreLA and has been with the company ever since. This proves that the company has embraced the non-customary type of hiring, wherein we believe that if someone does not have the required experience for the job, then we equip them with the training needed to perform their tasks with excellence.

Donna Young

Research Director
Donna is the head of our research department for years now, honing today's young professionals to become experts in the research field.
Score LA is a website dedicated to the sprawling California city in the south, which happens to be the heart of the United State's movie and TV industry. Near the iconic Hollywood sign stands the studios Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Brothers, along with others that also give behind-the-scenes tours.
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