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Career Outlook: MBA in Healthcare Information Systems

March 7, 2023
The healthcare business and the demand for qualified, trained workers in all fields, including health information systems, is expanding at an astonishing speed. Growing demand for the use of digital data management and different applications to operate a variety of various healthcare settings is handled by professional managers in the field of healthcare informatics. To […]

Owner.com Reviews Five Tips for Utilizing Customer Feedback to Improve Your Restaurant's Service Quality

March 7, 2023
As a business owner, it can be challenging to know where to start when trying to improve your restaurant operations. One of the most critical aspects is listening and responding to customer feedback. What customers say and how they feel can provide invaluable insights into what is working and what needs to be changed. Here […]

4 Services to Make Your Business Run Smoothly

August 2, 2022
Running a business can be a stressful task altogether. But there are a few ways to simplify your work and make your business run smoothly. One of these ways is outsourcing various services.  Most business people spend too much time managing simple tasks instead of investing more effort in growing the business. While not all […]

4 Businesses to Partner With to Boost Your Business Reputation

August 2, 2022
Doing everything yourself, and doing it well, can be a tall order. Most businesses have a specific core business plus several “support functions” that help it to do business but that fall outside the type of activities that earn money. In truth, these functions cost money.  This makes them prime targets for outsourcing. When you […]

Benefits of Tech Staffing

August 1, 2022
Staffing is a term that is closely related to recruitment and hiring. Recruit and Hiring are terms that fall under the large umbrella which is HR Management. HR Management is the division within an organization that takes care of a large number of functions such as hiring candidates after a series of strenuous examinations to […]

How Businesses Can Improve Productivity and Harmony in the Workplace

July 26, 2022
One of the major reasons behind a company’s success is probably its happy and satisfied employees. In fact, research shows that happy workers are 48.6% more likely to stay in a company for a longer time, reducing the costly turnover. So, what is it that keeps the employees stuck on the job? Well, it is […]

Leadership Tips for Firing Up Employee Morale

July 18, 2022
In the post-COVID world, we all understand how important it keeps high employee morale. The overall outlook of the employees and their satisfaction with their work is extremely crucial. When they have a good outlook and satisfaction, they will be more productive.  Thus, it’s essential to have good leaders at all levels of the company […]

Startups; The Value of Collaboration

July 4, 2022
Collaboration is the key to success in a startup. People from different backgrounds and with different skill sets work together to solve problems and create a product. They also help each other grow as individuals. The culture of a company is defined by the people who work there, so it is important for founders to […]

Save Time on Basic Admin Tasks with These Handy Tips

June 7, 2022
Admin is a necessary part of life, particularly if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur. However, you needn’t spend excessive amounts of time on submitting forms, computing data, and compiling spreadsheets. By streamlining your admin, you can spend more time on critical tasks and use your talents where they’re needed most. To get started, […]
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