5 Reasons That Might Lead to Deportation from the US

March 1, 2022
March 1, 2022
5 Reasons That Might Lead to Deportation from the US

Deportation is when the Government removes a person from the United States and returns them to the country where they were born. There are five known reasons why a person would be taken back to their native land. Fortunately, you can appeal the deportation and fight to continue living in the US. Keep reading to find out the main reasons that might lead to deportation from the United States.

Criminal Acts

If you commit two or more crimes of turpitude within the first five years of your legal admission into the country, you will be deported from the US. Even if you had the right to live in the US with no known restrictions, the moment you use extreme violence or engage in serious crimes, you will no longer be welcome in the US. Crimes of turpitude include firearm offenses, crimes against children, human trafficking and domestic violence, money laundering, rape, and terrorist activities.

Failure To Disclose A Change Of Address

You might think that a change of address is a trivial matter. However, moving to a different address without notifying the Government makes you a prime candidate for deportation. If you are changing your address in search of a new start or facing job relocation, ensure you let the US Citizenship and Immigration Services know in writing why you are relocating and where you are moving to.

Lack Of Adherence To The Terms Of One’s Immigration Status

To keep living in the US and avoid deportation, you should stick to the terms of your immigration status. For instance, if you are on an F1 Student Visa, you should leave the US after you have completed your full-time study course. To familiarize yourself with the terms of your immigration status, you can get help from an Atlanta immigration lawyer for more insight into the United States legal systems to be on the safe side.

Violation Of Immigration Laws

Immigration laws are the legal precedents that govern the immigration, deportation, and naturalization of foreigners into the United States. Staying in the US after your visa expires, providing false information on your visa application, and forging a document to enter the US are considered violations of immigration laws and lead to deportation. If the authorities detect your fraud after granting you a visa, it will be revoked with immediate effect.

Marriage Fraud

Foreigners who want permanent residence and green cards opt for fake marriages with US citizens. For the US government to confirm the validity of their marriage, the authorities ask the couple a series of personal questions, interview their friends and visit their residential home. Suppose the USCIS detects that the marriage is a sham. In this case, the foreigner will be removed from the United States and barred from obtaining a visa in the future.


We hope this article has taught you the different scenarios that would lead to deportation. As long as you abide by the immigration laws in the US, you will keep living and working in the US. If your visa expires, make arrangements to renew it or leave the country until you apply for another visa.

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