What Is Business Information Management?

January 17, 2022
January 23, 2022
What Is Business Information Management?

The B.S. in business information management is built around a series of core courses that cover computers (programming, requirements analysis, information retrieval and visualisation, databases), business (accounting, finance, marketing, management), and analytical methods (statistics, economics, business intelligence, decision analysis). From there, students may concentrate in themes like global strategy, branding and design, social and organisational aspects of computers, project management, and more with more than two dozen electives to choose from.

Because technology now influences practically every element of business and innovation, business information management majors are in high demand. The majority find work in consulting firms, while many also find work in specialised industries. Many people are solely focused on joining for-profit businesses; others are successful in transferring their abilities to charities and flourishing there. Of course, after completing the degree, some of our students opt to pursue graduate school in business, information systems, informatics, law, or a related profession.

Career Opportunities for a Business Information Management

Students who earn a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Business Information Systems (BIS) are prepared for a range of jobs in business, industry, government, and the military.

  • App Developer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Health Information Officer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Systems Analyst
  • Information Technology Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Quality Info Systems Manager
  • Senior Director of Info Systems

The business information management career path covers positions that serve as a link between business operations and information technology. Employees in this department assist in aligning corporate and personal goals.

Overall, the major places a heavy emphasis on how raw corporate data is received, stored, processed, and distilled into important strategic information, all while taking into account the technological, social, ethical, and organisational issues. Students also learn how to adapt to constantly changing business situations, such as new disruptive technologies, trends, laws and regulations, and company strategy.

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