How To Gear Up Your Italian Startup With An Investor Visa

January 24, 2022
How To Gear Up Your Italian Startup With An Investor Visa

Countless entrepreneurs have startup dreams, but few think bigger and want to set up overseas. Even fewer of them succeed with these dreams, probably, because they choose the right startup destination. If you aspire to reach the overseas market with your new business, Italy is among the best countries to explore. It has a vast market, favorable tax structure, and excellent growth prospects for international startups. An investor visa offers the fastest and easiest immigration route to the country. Luckily, the entire process is well-explained on mbersanilaw.com, so you can brush up on your basics on it without much work. Here are some more tips that can help you gear up your Italian startup with an investor visa.

Pick the apt investment alternative

When it comes to eligibility for an investor visa, you need not validate much. Anyone over 18 years can apply, provided they are healthy and have a clean police record. Investment is the most significant criterion as the opportunity depends on your ability to bring in funds to Italy. Although you have to buy an investor visa, there are several options to explore according to your preference and budget. These include:

  • An innovative startup- €250,000
  • An existing Italian company- €500,000
  • A donation in a public sector project- €1 million
  • Purchase of government bonds- €2 million

Get your investor visa

Once you have the funds in hand, you can go ahead with the process. It involves only two steps and takes a couple of months. The first step is the procurement of a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) for the Italian investor committee. It is an online process and requires you to submit the proof of funds for investment. You can expect the certificate within 30 days. After getting the nulla osta, you are ready for the next step to apply for the investor visa at your local Italian consulate.   

Establish your startup in Italy

After landing in Italy with your investor visa, you can get a two-year residence permit. You have to bring in the committed funds only after getting the permit. At this stage, you can move ahead to set up your startup in Italy. Besides getting access to all the rights of a resident of the country, you can bring your family along without additional investment. You can even extend its reach with visa-free travel in the EU nations. 

Stay as a citizen

Establishing a startup in Italy is just the beginning. You can leverage the opportunities in the country to achieve growth and profits over time. If you have a thriving business, you can even choose to stay as a citizen. It is possible to renew the two-year temporary residence permit for another three years. After five years, you get a permanent residence permit. Completing ten years here qualifies you for citizenship by descent.

Setting up an international startup is easy, mainly because the investor visa opens the opportunity to immigrate to the country. You can make the journey even easier by collaborating with an expert professional. 

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