How Much Do Business Plans Cost?

October 4, 2021
How Much Do Business Plans Cost?

A business plan can be simple or detailed to fit any budget. The price of a business plan depends largely on what type you need. It usually ranges from an executive summary with a one-page financial worksheet up to 50+ pages containing several year's worth of projections for income taxes, marketing strategies, etc., depending on how much information you are looking need. 

Hiring a Firm 

it is a good idea to hire a consulting firm to write your business plan, but this may be the most expensive option. You will get a deep look at how you could go about starting and running your own company with their comprehensive report that includes all aspects, including marketing strategy, as well as financial advice from industry specialists. Senior executives within these fields can do it for $2k-$9K depending on what level of detail is required.

Private Consultants 

Private consultants can be a cost-effective way to get an industry expert to write your business plan. A lengthy and complex project with three years of financial projections may still only cost you several thousand dollars, but the total difference will be much less than hiring a firm. Private consultants are doing all work themselves or allowing clients to decide how many hours they want them working on their projects per day which varies greatly too, depending on who is charging what.

Writing It Yourself 

The best way to create a business plan is by yourself. Software products are available for the low price of $80, and then you only have to spend your time getting it done! For start-ups with little capital, this may be an option that works best because they won't need help from anyone but themselves. 

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