How Businesses Can Go The Extra Mile To Prevent Visitor Mishaps

April 4, 2022
How Businesses Can Go The Extra Mile To Prevent Visitor Mishaps

Premises safety should be a top concern for business owners. An unsafe workplace is detrimental to the productivity and efficiency of the employees as they worry about mishaps. Not to mention, accidents can lead to injuries, which get people off work and bring massive penalties for businesses. You may even face worker injury lawsuits. These cases disrupt operations and harm the reputation of your company. 

But worker safety is not the only thing that business owners have to worry about. The safety of your customers, clients, suppliers, and visitors is also your responsibility. A breach in the duty of care leading to mishaps and injuries can open up the possibility of personal injury claims under premises liability. Going the extra mile to prevent visitor mishaps can save you from the risks of lawsuits and claims. Here are some measures that can help you do it. 

Conduct Regular Inspections

Regular inspections at your premises are the best way to prevent slip-and-fall mishaps, injuries due to falling objects, and equipment-related accidents. A routine walk around the area can give you a fair idea of the hazards like wet floors, cracks, and uneven surfaces. Ensure that the stairwells and passages have no obstacles and the walkways are well-lit and slip-resistant. Checking the parking lot is equally crucial because a significant number of mishaps occur in this area. Double up on the inspections during the rainy and snowy season.

Document Inspections

Besides performing regular inspections, you must document them as well. Maintain a record of hazards appearing at your business and the action taken to eliminate them. Documenting the records in a maintenance log serves as evidence that you implement the requisite measures to maintain your premises. A visitor injured in a mishap will seek personal injury attorney advice to claim compensation for their injury. Their lawyer can help them get maximum compensation by proving the negligence of the business. But proper documentation can work in your favor. 

Display Signage About Hazards

It is not possible to fix all hazards right away due to some reasons, but you cannot endanger visitors. The best solution is to display warning signs around the dangerous area to ensure that people stay alert. Simple moving signs and cones are enough to mark slippery floors or malfunctioning equipment. But make sure they are bright and prominent and placed strategically to ensure visibility. 

Install Surveillance Systems

Installing a surveillance system is an essential measure to ensure the safety of visitors and employees. It enables you to monitor the risky areas and address the problems before a mishap or injury takes place. Moreover, the CCTV footage from these cameras can protect your business from false claims. Ensure they are installed in strategic locations to get clear footage of people and causes of the accidents on-premises. 

Complete An Incident Report After A Mishap

A visitor mishap on your premises is a daunting situation. But having a procedure to document the incident and create a report can take you a long way in managing lawsuit risks. Incident reports help with the identification of the cause of injuries and problem areas. You must record victim accounts and eyewitness statements and photograph any alleged hazards as a part of the reporting process. Avoid admitting fault for a mishap before meeting your insurance provider. Notify them right after the accident to manage claim costs. It is crucial to ensure adequate liability coverage to protect your business from accident claims. 

Follow-up With The Injured Person

It is your responsibility to follow up with an injured visitor if a mishap happens on your property. Show that their well-being matters to you, and cooperate with them during the claim process. Visitors are less likely to file a lawsuit if business owners are sympathetic to their injuries. Moreover, a valid settlement value for their injuries leaves no reason to pursue a legal battle. But they will definitely take an action if you show indifference about the injury.  

A business has a duty of care to the customers and visitors while they are on-premises. Ignoring the hazards on site is a breach of this duty and can lead to accidents such as slips and falls. You can do your best to prevent such mishaps in the first place. The good thing is that preventive measures need not burn a hole in your wallet. At the same time, ensure insurance coverage for your company because accidents may happen despite the best precautions. They can harm your credibility and reputation, so going the extra mile with a preventive approach makes sense. 

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