The Primary Difference Between A Marketing Message And A Sales Message Is

June 12, 2024
The Primary Difference Between A Marketing Message And A Sales Message Is

The primary difference between a marketing message and a sales message is that Marketing messaging typically focuses on the overall features and benefits of a solution, but it takes an exciting turn after that. Sales teams then take this marketing talk track and put it into their emails and call scripts, sounding like regurgitated messages from years past.

Marketing messages should be more generalized and focus on numbers. They work better when they say things like, “on average our clients see a 32% increase.” Sales messaging is different; it’s all about being specific to the client you’re working with and how your product helped them improve their conversion rates by 32%.

Marketing is a broader, more general message. Sales messaging should be specific and focused.

To break through the noise when people are inundated with messages every day of their lives, sales reps need to make sure that they’re as precise and targeted as possible for them to get noticed by prospects on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter where there’s less attention span than ever before due to increased competition coming from other industries who have begun using these same channels too.

The right balance of personalization and productivity can be challenging to find in the digital age, which is why SalesLoft’s data science team has determined 20% as the optimal amount for a sales email. If you stray outside that number with too much individualized content, your message will likely become irrelevant and ineffective.

The key to a successful sales campaign is utilizing the proper messaging. This can be achieved by breaking down your market into target industries and personas, as well as researching the top three current-year challenges faced by those in that industry.


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