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8 Tips for Working in a Remote Office

January 28, 2022
The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed working routines and patterns in organizations. There is a greater reliance on the internet to complete tasks. Remote working at home became a norm due to the pandemic and millions of individuals, eventually ending their long commutes to work. The development of new and latest software has made work […]

What To Do With a Business Management Degree?

January 15, 2022
Taking care of your family might sometimes mean taking care of yourself. It's as much for you as it is for them that you decide to get a degree. This is why you should select a profession that will allow you to not only support the people you care about, but also enjoy coming to […]

What Can You Do With a Business Marketing Degree?

January 10, 2022
Marketing is a broad field that can accommodate a wide range of interests and professional objectives. It also offers a high salary potential and the opportunity to learn a variety of skills that may be applied across a wide range of industries. As one professor put it, "Marketing is a degree that every company needs […]

What Does A Marketing Associate Do?

December 8, 2021
Marketing is a vast field, and businesses need to have someone who can understand the ins and outs of marketing. A marketing associate is responsible for planning and implementing marketing and advertising activities. They understand the extensive details of marketing and are familiar with analyzing market research and customers' behavior.  Marketing associates work closely with […]

11 Ways Employers Can Succeed In Employee Retention

November 23, 2021
Employees are a company’s greatest asset. That being said, employers often face a challenge when it comes to retaining their employees. Several factors can lead to this, and employers need to know how to counter this and foster a workplace that retains its employees.  For this, we brought on the experts, and here are their […]

10 Mistakes Every Sales Representative Should Avoid

October 25, 2021
It’s easy to stumble along the sales roads; most, if not all, sales representatives have slipped up. However, to win a sale, you have to walk a tightrope, balancing a number of aspects and avoiding any missteps. We put together a cheat sheet on all you need to know; we brought in the experts to […]

Accounting vs. Law: What is the Difference?

October 19, 2021
Accountants and attorneys can work in both the public and private sectors. While both types of experts may help firms and people with business problems, they specialize in distinct areas: attorneys deal with points of law and legal procedures, while accountants deal with numbers, tax rules, and codes.  A career in the law and accounting […]

5 Outdated Hiring Techniques to Avoid in the Coming Year

October 8, 2021
With millions of Filipinos actively searching for a job and competing for employment opportunities daily, there is an impression that hiring managers have it easy. However, human resources (HR) professionals will disagree. A recent study by human resource management software developer Sprout Solutions revealed that the recruitment process is the second-most challenging task for HR […]

Why Is Downsizing Important To Human Resources Management

September 30, 2021
Downsizing in any business is generally not viewed by employees or management as a positive practice, although it can result in many positives. Downsizers may stay afloat with their company and get cost-savings while also strengthening its strength. HR professionals often take on this task for managers who would rather avoid being seen carrying out […]
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