Company Swag Employees Will Actually Enjoy

February 7, 2022
March 1, 2022
Company Swag Employees Will Actually Enjoy

Unmotivated and disengaged employees cost companies up to $550 billion each year.

But if you have burned out employees, it's not a lost cause. Small investments in motivational tools and programs can help get employees recharged and ready to meet their professional goals.

One way to motivate and connect with employees is by offering company swag, but only when done right. Here are company swag ideas that employees will actually appreciate.

Custom Kits

One key to making company swag work is to customize options as much as possible. Every employee wants the freedom to choose their own items, which is why custom kits can be a safe bet.

Custom kits can be given during the onboarding process to new employees, or you can offer these kits to recognize a job well done. In either case, employees have the power to select their own items from a company swag store to make sure they get exactly what they want, without the unnecessary junk.

Electronics and Accessories

Company branded swag should be useful and valuable, and electronics are one perfect example. Electronics come in handy whether working digitally or enjoying downtime on the weekend.

That's why items like branded headphones, USB cables, and laptop batteries will surely be appreciated by your staff. Just be sure that the electronics are high quality and can survive daily use.

You can also offer practical items to accessorize electronics like cable organizers and phone cases.

High-Quality Clothing

Go beyond slapping your logo on a T-shirt and calling it a day. Employees will happily wear company gear if it's made well and looks stylish.

Consider items like warm jackets, beanies, and sweatpants. Bonus points if employees can wear these clothing items on casual Fridays in the office.

And company T-shirts can work in some cases. But make sure they have a great design and a variety of fit options.

Food and Snacks

For foodies and snackers, the best company swag is edible.

Food items don't last forever, and your employees won't be able to show them off the same way they can a jacket or headphones. Still, food and snacks are the perfect choice for those who love to eat.

Consider dry goods like pasta, fresh foods like fruit baskets, or easy snacks like popcorn and chocolates.

Self-Care Items

Encourage employees to take care of themselves both on and off the clock with branded self-care goods. These goods can include yoga mats, workout armbands, and other exercise gear. You can also help employees relax at home with face masks, luxurious lotions, slippers, and bathrobes.

And remind your staff to stay hydrated in the office with branded water bottles and tea kits.

Company Swag Employees Will Love

If you're looking for incentives to motivate employees, offering company swag can be one useful strategy.

Skip branded folders and keychains, and instead opt for items that your staff will actually love and use in their daily lives.

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