5 Corporate Giveaways That Your Employees Will Appreciate

May 13, 2022
May 13, 2022
5 Corporate Giveaways That Your Employees Will Appreciate

When it comes to brand marketing, your target audience naturally comes first to mind. To increase brand awareness, the company has to consistently promote its products and plan promos and giveaways to reach more potential customers. However, your clients are not the only ones that should be at the other end of the company’s marketing efforts as you need to consider your employees as well.

A company can’t function well without its employees. They are the ones who put in the work every day to help ensure the brand’s success. Thus, it’s only fitting that they receive something nice and thoughtful once in a while aside from their regular compensations. Handing out company giveaways is a fun and efficient way to not only make your staff feel more appreciated, but also encourage them to do their best at their jobs. This, in turn, can help reduce company turnarounds and motivate your employees to continue supporting the company.

Tips in Choosing Company Gifts

Whether you have a small team of six people or employ hundreds of employees, picking out an effective gift that everybody can use can be tricky. Before listing down potential gift ideas, here are some pointers you can keep in mind while choosing which kind of giveaway to use.

  • Consider the occasion. When it comes to picking out gifts, always stick to the theme. Are you handing out gifts for the holidays? A company event? A milestone congratulations? Keeping the occasion in mind will help you narrow down your choices and pick the best type of gift.
  • Explore giveaway options. While keychains and pens come cheap, they don’t exactly scream “well-thought out.” Instead, consider opting for more useful yet affordable items, such as personalized lanyards or cute mugs that people can use every day.
  • Customize the giveaways. Company handouts have a notorious reputation of looking tacky or cheap, so putting in the extra effort to make them look well-designed and prepared can go a long way. It will also encourage employees to use them more outside of work.
  • Don’t forget the company logo. When your employees bring these giveaways out, it’s free marketing for the company. For example, if one of your staff brings the company-given mug to a coffee shop, it counts as extra exposure for the brand.

Fun Giveaway Ideas for Your Employees

Many products can work as great giveaways, but of course, you have to consider the company budget and your staff’s interests in mind when preparing them. Here are a couple examples of quirky gifts that your employees may appreciate. You can procure the following items or use this list as a launching pad for other potential products you can use as giveaways.

Desk Plants

A dash of green on a working table can make all the difference. Handing out desk plants in company-labeled pots is a great way to bring a smile to people’s faces and add that breath of fresh air in a busy workspace. Opt for plants that don’t need a lot of maintenance, like air plants and pothos, so your workers won’t need to worry too much about their upkeep.

Hobby Mugs

Everyone has a favorite type of beverage. It could be coffee, tea, or even plain water. Mug designs go in and out of style all the time, and avid drinkers will appreciate having a new mug to host their favorite beverages in. Spruce up your mug giveaways by customizing the mugs with fun designs or bold colors and patterns that your employees can confidently bring anywhere. If you have few employees, consider putting their names on their mugs for a more personalized touch.

Custom Lanyards

It’s easy to overlook lanyards because they seem so mundane. However, lanyards are useful, functional, and, with the right design, also quite stylish. You can use them to hold IDs, keys, sanitizers, and other small trinkets, making it easier for you to locate them in a busy bag. Moreover, you can use lanyards for any setting, including company outings, sports events, and dailywear. 

Subscription Boxes

If you want to level up the company’s giveaway game, consider partnering with another brand and offer subscription boxes to your employees. Nowadays, there are subscription boxes for everything, including games, snacks, wines, cheeses, perfumes, and hygiene supplies. You also have the choice of setting the duration of the subscription, which can anywhere from one month up to a year. Not only is this an excellent way to build rapport with another company, but you’re also giving your staff the opportunity to discover and support new labels that they may like.

Tote Bags

Tote bags come in all shapes and designs, and you can use them everywhere. Whether you’re shopping for goods at the farmer’s market or preparing your belongings for a beach getaway, a tote bag will always come in handy. Customize the bag with a fun design (company logo included), so employees can proudly use them wherever they go. Just make sure to opt for tote bags made with sturdier materials, so they don’t break easily when carrying heavy items.

Conclusion: Ask Your Receivers

Indeed, there are countless items you can check to use as company giveaways. If you’re having a difficult time picking out which kind, consider holding a company survey to gauge people’s interests. In this manner, you can determine what your employees like and survey more options for their well-deserved gifts.


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