6 Things to Consider while Choosing a Contract Management System

October 4, 2021
6 Things to Consider while Choosing a Contract Management System

The corporate industry is growing fast, with work schedules getting busier than ever. Spending time to understand the nitty-gritty of contracts on top of your work schedule would only slow down your professional life. However, with evolving technology, contract management has become easier. Since every professional relationship needs a contract, several contract management solutions are available in the market. Further, competition among those solutions has become cut-throat. 

Amid the fierce competition, what should an organization look for in a contract management system

Managing contracts electronically is now mainstream, and there is a reason for that. Contract management systems have completely transformed the handling of contracts by organizations. To help your firm select the right contract management system, we have listed some key features to look for in a contract management platform.  

Six Essential Features in a Contract Management System 

Easy-to-use Interface

Contracts were digitized to make the handling of contracts easy. If the contract management system is difficult to use, then what’s it good for? Look for a system that is easy to use and does not have many technicalities. To ensure adoption, you must go for a contract management system that offers a positive user experience and is easy to understand. It will encourage long-term use of the system. There are already a lot of details to go through while managing contracts. So, look for a system that simplifies the process for your team and your enterprise. 

Pre-designed Templates for Contracts

Designing a contract from scratch takes time. An organization will have to go through every detail with a fine-tooth comb to ensure no mistakes that can cause legal or financial issues in the future. A contract management system with pre-designed templates will help you move away from the nitty-gritty of contract designing and simply plug information wherever necessary. The templates and pre-approved legal clause library features will save time and cost and offer a phenomenal risk management advantage. For example, you won’t have to fall into the legalities of contracts. Your legal team can customize the contract according to the business needs. 

Role-based Security Feature

Contracts are the lifeblood of a company. They ensure that employees get paid, business runs smoothly, services are delivered on time, and durable partnerships. A flexible contract management security system makes sure that a contract is visible to only the concerned parties. Role-based security feature comes are useful as they help you configure access and permissions according to the roles of the users. The security feature should not only safeguard the contract from external threats but also internal security risks. 

Centralized Contract Repository with Search Functionality 

An organization handling multiple clients and suppliers needs to manage multiple contracts. Thus, the administration of all the contracts becomes crucial to effectively work through the contract’s life cycle. A central repository is a pertinent feature while working through various contract lifecycles. A central repository with search functionality will help users access the required contract easily and quickly. Your team will now not have to scroll emails and drive folders to search contracts, making it easier to find and work on the contracts efficiently. 

Full Contract Lifecycle Management

Just sending and signing a contract isn’t enough. A contractual agreement has a lifecycle waiting to be managed flawlessly in a centralized fashion. You wouldn’t want your organization to lag because of the increased complexity of contracts. A contract lifecycle management software solution can help you handle all contract-related requests and catch every renewal opportunity. You need a contract management system that can manage the entire lifecycle of the contract. The features should include,

  • Automation of the contract requests
  • A centralized and simplified contract negotiation feature
  • Automated notifications and key date alerts
  • Analysis and management of contract-related risks and recommending risks in real-time

An advanced contract lifecycle management feature will help automate your organization’s contract process. It will streamline the contract lifecycle till the end. 

Integration with Other Tools

Every tool needs to be flexible. It is 2021, and almost everything is digitized. Several new tools have entered the digital market, and each one needs to be flexible to work with other tools and smoothen the entire process. It will make it easy for the user to work with different tools simultaneously without worrying about inter-tool flexibility. 

A contract management system unequipped to work with other tools will waste more of your time. You should look for a contract management system that integrates multiple tools according to the business requirements. It will ensure that your data is the same across all platforms. Also, it will let you get a comprehensive view without the fear of discrepancies. 

Managing contracts and keeping the system updated is not easy, but it shouldn’t be difficult either. You should look for a contract management system that fits your business needs, saves time, is cost-efficient and intuitive, and minimizes legal risks. Ensure to look for the features mentioned above and de-burden your organization with the responsibilities of contract management. To know more about contract management automation, head over to Revnue Corp and get a personalized AI-powered contract management solution.

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