What is the Future of Online Assessments in the Education Industry

October 25, 2021
October 25, 2021
What is the Future of Online Assessments in the Education Industry

The pandemic drastically affected and changed the education industry, primarily where examinations and assessments were concerned. Online solutions enabled educators to assess students’ performance and learning progress continually with standardised testing across schools and geographical regions.

As educational institutions are slowly beginning to open, many countries and educators still favour retaining online assessment systems. Due to the various benefits to both educators and students, many institutions will likely continue using these platforms. 

Easing the Workload of Educators

Between designing assessments and creating interactive educational plans, educators have a lot of work anytime of the year. Grading and evaluating assessments are other components that are not only time-consuming but stressful too.

Online assessments are highly advantageous as educators don’t have to worry about engaging students as many platforms automatically do that. More importantly, grading and evaluating the assessments are automatically done with faster turnaround times.

It enables educators to focus on more critical tasks, like planning educational lessons, activities and helping students overcome their difficulties. 

Introducing Detailed Insights and Data

While many schools have been manually inputting data from each assessment cycle to a database to get comprehensive insights, it can be a time-consuming task prone to human errors. Educators and administration don’t have to worry about collecting and analyzing data by themselves with online assessments.

Standardised online tests result in comprehensive reports for each school to gain insights and other data from. It also benchmarks each school’s students so that educators can know how their students are performing compared to their peers. 

Benchmarking can ensure that educators are on the right track regarding curriculum choices. Detailed insights also provide a solid backbone to any decisions and changes concerning educational policies and academic curriculum for any institution. 

Convenience and Accessibility

Online assessments are available for students to take any time they want, from the comfort of their homes or even when they’re in school. In terms of logistics, fewer resources are used for online assessments, where the only components required are a compatible device and a steady internet connection.

Questions can be created automatically by using automated tools or choosing from a question-bank available on the assessment platform. Students with special needs have special tools like an on-screen reader, colour inversion, etc., available to enable them to take the assessment without any hurdles.

Online assessments also have more expansive scalability that is hard to achieve with traditional pen-and-paper assessments. A good example is ICAS Assessments, which has been leveraging technology to deliver tests to over 10 million students in 41 countries.

Preparing Students for the Future 

Continual technology innovation has led the 21st-century to become one of the most fast-paced times throughout history. When you want to ensure your student’s success in the future, getting them familiarised with digital tools is a must. It will allow them to adapt to future digital tools and technologies with ease when pursuing higher education or employment opportunities. 

Adopting online assessments is not just a cost-effective solution for any educational institution. Instead, it is also a solution that enables the highest chance of success for any student. Increased security with online assessments makes them less prone to cheating and enables only educators to see the results. 

Enable your educational institution to adapt to the online world while benefiting your students simultaneously through online assessments. 


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