Six Things To See In Los Angeles

September 20, 2023
September 20, 2023

Los Angeles is arguably the country's most populous metropolitan area and is the west coast's cultural hub. From its legendary Hollywood sign, movie studios including Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Disney Studios offer behind-the-scene tours for visitors to the area. In this article, we will make a shortlist of the attractions you should come to visit if you ever plan on going to Los Angeles, California.

1. Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles features landmarks like the Staples Center, where professional basketball and football teams play. Also, on Hollywood Blvd., the TCL Chinese Theater displays famous Hollywood stars' footprints and hand-prints, while on Hollywood Blvd. the Hollywood Bowl shows live music and comedy acts.

2. San Gabriel Mountains

There is a vast selection of Los Angeles attractions that tourists can visit in the San Gabriel Mountains. The area possesses some of the most incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, with plenty of hiking opportunities and easy access to many national parks. Visitors can also find various historic sites like the Old Town Historic District in downtown Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which hosts hiking trails and historical attractions.

3. Los Angeles Chinatown

Los Angeles has a rich history and is one of California's oldest cities. The area is home to several attractions that showcase the city's history and culture. A visitor can visit the historic Chinatown and see where the original Chinese settlers lived and the L.A. River's Chinatown Flood Wall, where tourists can view old Chinatown remnants.

4. Hollywood Museums

The area surrounding Hollywood is also an attraction, with several Los Angeles attractions that include museums, gardens, beaches, mountains, and beaches. Visitors can take benefit from free admission to museums, parks, and beaches in this area. A visitor may choose from a wide range of attractions in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, or Silver Lake.

5. Los Angeles Zoo

When a visitor wants to see the world, there is no better place to visit than in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has some of the most immeasurable attractions for people, like nature, culture, and history. Many historical sites explore the downtown area and many art museums that display famous artists' works. In Los Angeles, you can visit the Los Angeles Zoo, where many animals can be seen up close or enjoy the view of a variety of animals at the California Aquarium.

6. The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign, located near Hollywood, is another popular tourist attraction in the downtown area of Los Angeles. It is an iconic representation of the area and is open every day for public tours. Tourists can go whale watching tours on the water and stop by the Hollywood Bowl for celebrity concerts.

Los Angeles covers a massive amount of land and ocean, so it's no wonder that the list of tourist spots in Los Angeles is equally majestic. If you're a tourist searching for things to do, you'll find loads of vacation inspiration, from Hollywood tours to a day at the city's best beaches. We hope you discover ways to fall in love with the city via Los Angeles attractions.

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