Real Estate Reviews: How to Deal with Negative Feedback about Your Home

September 27, 2021
November 2, 2021
Real Estate Reviews How to Deal with Negative Feedback about Your Home

Getting negative reviews from buyers after touring your home is part of the real estate experience. You will encounter one or two unfavorable comments about different things like the listing or features of the property. Even if receiving unfavorable feedback is all part of the business, it can still leave an unpleasant feeling whether you are the real estate agent or the seller. Fortunately, there are ways how you can make the best out of the seemingly bad situation.

Whether you are handling real estate showing feedback manually or using an automated system, there are different ways you can deal with negative comments. You can use the reviews to create a positive experience by following some of the tips below. If you are looking for an innovative tool to manage the feedback from all your properties, click here: https://www.proagentsolutions.com/showing-feedback/.

Respond Respectfully

When you receive a negative review, it’s vital to respond in a calm and polite manner. Begin by acknowledging their comment and sharing their opinion. Then, apologize that the homebuyer feels that way. The next step is to reach out to the individual offline and discuss their feedback. It’s best to address the concerns offline and away from the public eye. 

Additionally, reply to the feedback as soon as possible to show your prospects that you value their opinions. If you receive a negative comment through an online platform such as social media sites or review websites, the timely response also shows other readers that your business appreciates both positive and negative comments. In fact, a couple of negative feedback are good for your business because they show that the reviews are written by actual individuals who have experienced doing business with you and people won’t suspect you are writing the feedback yourself.

Find Out If the Feedback Is Valid

Once you receive a negative comment or two, remember to do your research and check if the feedback is valid. People can give negative feedback about you as an agent or the home you are showing for various reasons. At times, the customer’s expectations are so high that they’re never going to be met, no matter all your best efforts. This is why you need to be wary of the bad reviews and be critical about them.

If you are helping a client sell their property and you’ve received an unfavorable review about their home, you must share it with them. But before you do, make sure that they are valuable insights that can have productive results. At times, these criticisms can be part of the buyer’s negotiating tactics. The negative feedback can mask the fact that they like the house but are using another tool to get a better deal. Assist your client to validate the review and see if you do need to adjust the price to receive a good offer.

Learn from the Feedback

One of the best ways to turn negative comments into a positive experience is by learning from them. You need to understand that you need to make some changes to your listing whenever you get valid feedback. At times, you can even anticipate what some of these comments will be like. If the property you are selling has a small backyard, it won’t be surprising to hear buyers mention they want a larger outdoor space for their children to play in. While such a comment isn’t something you can change, there are reviews that can prompt action. For instance, if there used to be pets on the property, some buyers may comment on the pet odor. In this case, you can do something by deep cleaning the home to remove the smell in time for the next viewing.

If you are representing a client to make their home more appealing, you can use the reviews to guide them when changing the listing. You can use relevant market trends as evidence when presenting the buyer’s comments. For the client, it is never good news asking them to lower their previous asking price for a property. But when you have reliable data to back up your suggestion, it can result in a plan of action all parties involved will be happy with.

Use The Negative Comments to Improve the Feedback Form

There are times that you encounter comments that are not truly negative, but simply unhelpful. You might receive feedback that is vague and won’t be valuable to you as a real estate agent or to the seller. Even so, there is a way to make those comments useful. You can use the information when developing new questions in your feedback form. You can make adjustments to how you ask the questions so you can get clearer remarks.

As a real estate agent or a property seller, you are bound to encounter an uninterested customer leaving negative feedback. Despite all your efforts to make the listing and property appealing, you can still receive a couple of unfavorable reviews. Instead of getting disheartened about the negative comments on your feedback form, turn them into learning opportunities that can help you improve your service or the home to generate more sales offers.

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