Real Estate Hiring Problems That Can Be Solved by Working with a Recruiter

September 14, 2021
Real Estate Hiring Problems That Can Be Solved by Working with a Recruiter

If you want your real estate brokerage to succeed, then you have to hire the right people. In particular, you’re going to need talented real estate agents among your ranks. Of course, this is easier said than done. After all, recruiting real estate agents takes more effort than just posting a job ad and then waiting for job seekers to respond.

If you want to hire the best of the best, you need to have a solid recruitment strategy. It’s also a good idea to work with a recruiter so you can boost the speed and efficiency of your processes. You can go here to get a better idea of how much real estate recruiters can help with growing your brokerage.

Another benefit of working with real estate recruiters? They can help you solve a lot of common hiring problems that might be hindering your efforts. Here are just a few challenges in recruitment that recruiters can help you overcome:

Resume Screening

It’s great to receive tens or even hundreds of applications, knowing that you have the luxury of choice. However, it can be time-consuming to screen a huge volume of resumes and professional profiles. You can skip this step and go straight to interviews if you prefer, but it’s actually more efficient to pre-screen. This is where recruiters can be a big help.

Whether they’re in-house or a third party, recruiters can filter applications as they come. They can trawl through documents more efficiently, spot the most promising prospects, and even conduct preliminary interviews. This way, the only resumes that will reach you will be the ones that have been thoroughly vetted and guaranteed to meet your requirements.

Candidate Engagement

Keeping candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process is crucial in providing a top-notch experience. When they ask a question, they expect to receive a reply as soon as possible. When you tell them you’ll contact them after two days, they expect to receive a message after two days. The thing is, your brokerage’s HR department is likely also busy with other responsibilities like performance management and people development.

To take a load off your HR team’s shoulders, consider working with real estate recruiters. They have access to various tools that make it easier for them to keep track of every candidate, at every stage of the recruitment process. From scheduling interviews to responding to inquiries and beyond, you can count on recruiters to keep your candidates engaged.

Competence and Culture Fit

No matter how good a candidate seems on paper and during the interviews, there really is no guarantee that they’ll perform well and fit with the company culture until they’re hired. What you can do is hire real estate recruiters to at least increase the likelihood of hiring someone who ticks all the boxes. This is because aside from access to more data, recruiters also have plenty of tools for skills assessment and behavioral testing.

What’s even better is that, as earlier mentioned, recruiters can already use these tools at the pre-screening stage. This means that you’ll have more time to make objective comparisons and decide which candidate will be the best match for the post.

Lack of Qualified Applicants

It’s not completely impossible to receive applications and inquiries immediately after posting a job ad. However, the more realistic picture is that you may have to wait a couple of days. If you haven’t received any after a week or two, then there might be something amiss. The opposite situation can also spell trouble. That is, receiving a lot of applications that don’t meet qualifications.

No matter which situation your brokerage is in, this can be solved by hiring recruiters. Their job is all about finding the right candidates, which means they’re experts at sourcing. They also know how to create the right ads and the right channels to reach the right people.

Slow Hiring Process

In most cases, you have time to spare when hiring. However, there are also situations when you need to hire as fast as possible to prevent delays in operations and lost opportunities. A recruiter can help your brokerage in this regard because, again, they know where to look and how to look for the best candidates.

Recruiters can also help you spot issues in your hiring process. You can then work together to fine-tune it to create a more seamless and efficient procedure that’s not only faster but also produces more quality hires.

High Attrition

You can’t talk about recruitment without talking about attrition. If you’re consistently finding good hires who stay long with the brokerage, it means that you have a strong, effective recruitment program. On the other hand, a high attrition rate might indicate a misalignment of skills and goals right from the beginning.

Good recruiters don’t just take into account a candidate’s skills. They also take note of their expectations and then match them with your company’s. This way, they’ll have a higher likelihood of working with you for longer, which can affect job satisfaction and employee morale. Low attrition rates can also drive down the cost of recruitment.

All of this is to say that you basically have nothing to lose when you work with a real estate recruiter. Provided that you find a good one, your brokerage will have an easier time finding good people to join your team and help you achieve growth.

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