Pack Up And Move Your Business With These 5 Tips

August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022
Pack Up And Move Your Business With These 5 Tips

Moving is always hard work, but it doesn't have to be a stressful nightmare. Planning ahead and sharing information as soon as you have it can allow your employees to plan their own moving process in their area. Communication is key!

Set A Date

Set the date for your move and focus on the new facility. Make sure the new place is

  • painted
  • well-lit
  • secured

Once the new place is secure, head back to the existing office and do what is necessary to support your employees. This may mean hiring temporary workers to stack boxes, hiring professionals to break down large equipment, or hiring movers to clear out your reception area.

Make An Announcement

Let the public know that you're moving! Pair it with information about your new facility, improvements in your product line, or new offerings in what you sell. Have a moving sale to lower the bulk of what you need to move.

If your business is retail, you can easily stock your new store by having deliveries made to your new building. A moving sale can also bring in foot traffic, remind local folks what it is that you have to offer, and perhaps draw in curious folks from your new location. As your move progresses, make sure you take a look at your social media offerings and your website.

Consider A Rebranding

When your address changes, you need to also update your

  • promotional materials
  • advertisements
  • stationary
  • website and social media

Since you're making all of these changes, now is also the time to consider rebranding. Do you need new colors, new signage, and new mottos? If you've never had a marketing team work on your business, hire one. If your budget is tight, check out freelancing platforms and piecemeal out the job. You may find a contractor who can come up with a new logo, get a part-time remote worker who can boost your social media presence, and find a printer in another state who can give you the best deal on your stationary and promotional material.

No matter what you do with your rebranding, do make sure that you hire a qualified professional to improve your website. Your security and the security of the data of your clients are critical.

Move What You Can By Using Employee Labor

Put your office staff in charge of packing up paper; consider adding paperless software to your arsenal and scanning archival docs before shredding those papers instead of boxing and moving them. Of course, make sure you have a backup for your data.

If your move is less than 4 hours away, use your company vehicles to relocate your paper records, lighter furniture, and smaller machinery. If you run a manufacturing facility, you will likely need to hire professionals to move large tools. Large office furniture probably won't fit into a moving van; be ready to hire a truck if needed.

Carefully manage the time of your hourly drivers. For example, it may make more sense to hire a car transport service for business vehicles that don't offer much storage or need to be transported with extra care.

Schedule A Grand Opening

Setting a moving date will push you to get started with the packing. Scheduling a grand opening will push you to get back into business as soon as possible. Your grand opening in your new facility is a wonderful chance to host an open house, have a huge sale, or show off your new logo and signage.

This is an ideal time to boost foot traffic. Hire a landscaper to clean up the lawn for this event. If you have an employee with a hearty green thumb, invest in pots to fill with flowers at the front door. Make your facility as inviting as possible to boost both community engagement and employee morale.

Once you're in the new place, check back in with your employees. Does everyone have what they need to keep doing their job? Can you make an investment in your employees? This can be as simple as new chairs and as complicated as adding a canopy to your employee parking area. Moving is disruptive; investing in employees can soothe ruffled feathers.

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