How Do Advertising Influence People's Purchases

August 17, 2021
August 17, 2021
How Do Advertising Influence People's Purchases

Everywhere you go, there are advertisements. You see them on the Internet, in TV shows and magazines- everywhere. A report by Media Dynamics states that an average American adult is exposed to more than 350 advertisement messages every day! All these ads serve the same purpose: to get you to buy whatever they're selling. But how does advertising influence people's purchases? 

Some play on your fears while others appeal to what you need and desire or even bypass your brain by appealing only to emotions in order for them to encourage you to shop impulsively rather than compare products with other companies' prices which are better deals instead.

Here is how ads influence people's purchases:


The human psyche is so vulnerable and fragile that advertisers use it to their advantage. We're scared of death, accidents, illness, aging, and emotional rejection, which means any advertisement we see will usually play into one or more of these fears to convince us to buy the product they are selling.


Bandwagon ads are persuasive because they appeal to the need for belonging. These types of messages try to convince you that if you don't buy this product, then no one will be your friend, and all of society will become a dull wasteland in which life has lost its meaning.

They might say something like "everyone is using it" or "everybody's on board with our newest game." The point is that these companies know who their target demographic is: people seeking acceptance from others by buying what everyone else does.

Sex Appeal

It's easy to see why advertisers use erotic images in their ads. The idea of having a car or clothes is more enticing if you're being told that it will make you sexually desirable, which leads back to the need for love and belonging (even though these things may have little correlation).


These ads are made to appeal to values such as patriotism or family. One ad might show a group of friends at the Fourth of July, with Old Glory proudly flying above, drinking what is described as "a great American beer." Another could depict images of a perfect happy family in a beautiful home all wearing the same brand of shoes which sends the message that these shoes are your ticket to this type of lifestyle and happiness for yourself too!


The basic goal of any ad is to attract attention. Scary, shocking images are one way to catch the eye, but using them in an ad creates negative feelings about the product, which can be a lose-lose situation for advertisers. On the other hand, humor attracts attention as it creates positive feelings –a win-win scenario that doesn't just benefit advertisers.


How does advertising influence people's purchases of Quizlet?

Advertising is a powerful tool that affects nearly all of our decisions, according to a recent survey. Marketers use advertising to get people to buy their product by scaring them into thinking what could happen if they don't have it--and this tactic works surprisingly often!

What are the positive effects of advertisement?

Mass Communications

Without advertising, many forms of mass media such as newspapers, radio, magazines, and television might not exist as they do today. Advertising positively impacts society because we would have to pay much more for these types of outlets necessary for our day-to-day life in the modern era without it.

Why is it important to develop power over purchase?

Maybe you are not able to afford that new dress. Refrain from the temptation of listening to marketing and buying things on a whim without first thinking about your finances, only for it all just end up being wasted money you could have used towards something else more important in life.

What is the importance of advertisement?

Advertising is a nice and smart way to communicate with customers. Advertising helps inform consumers about brands available in stores and a variety of products designed for their needs.

What is the effect of advertisement?

Advertising aims to positively impact attitudes by influencing future behaviors and reinforcing them through repeated mentions after the initial ad is seen or heard.

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