10 Life Hacks To Jump Start Your Success Rate in Business

August 11, 2021
December 31, 2022
10 Life Hacks To Jump Start Your Success Rate in Business

Embarking on your start-up mission is no simple task. Many fail because while they possess great ideas, they also need to learn some basic rules on what divides the successful from the unsuccessful. 

Talking to the business leaders, we asked them to share their best hacks for launching a business successfully.

“To grow is to learn lessons and most lessons in life are not sweet. Fortunately, we do not need to taste all the bitter ones ourselves, for we can learn from other people's errors.” says Alex Mastin, “Here are some of my takeaways from chasing success to living it;

1. Authenticity

“Don't fake it, you will never make it that way, or at least you won't have fun making it. Hustle culture might lead you to believe that putting in the hours is everything but a mindful lifestyle is essential for your long-term growth. Being yourself makes it 10x easier. Your audience will believe you if you are honest, authenticity shows. People feel at home when they know they're spending the right way- now more than ever.” (Alex Mastin)

2. Save up, Then Invest

“No you don't need a 100 dollar cocktail but you do need that 100 dollars a week in the bank that you can compound into something that will help you jumpstart your entrepreneurial dreams. Similarly, make smart decisions; invest in places that will help you strengthen the structure of your business. This includes but is not limited to - better SEO and SMM services, focus on customer service and customer relations and polishing your sales team with intensive training.” (Alex Mastin)

3. Take the Lead

“I read this quote somewhere that said we are scared more of the light than of the darkness, it is an anomaly that stops us, that tells us we aren't good enough but when you go there on the stage and the spotlight hits you, you will blossom into your best self. Make a team of leaders, not of followers; consider the growth and well-being of the people that work with you (not for you) and you will see the results.”

Alex Mastin, Founder CEO Home Grounds

4. Learn From Your Competitors

“My advice to jumpstart your business's success is to copy your competitors where it works and branch out on your own where it doesn't. Following your competitors in terms of the kind of content they create, the marketing channels they use, or the way they structure their business allows you to reap the rewards of their hard work.

“Once you've established yourself, find areas where your competitors are lacking and exploit that to gain an edge over them. This will jumpstart your business by eliminating the trial-and-error needed to fine-tune your company for success, and bump you ahead of your competitors.”

Faisal Nasim, Director at Exam Papers Plus

5. Build A Network By Visiting Events

“Entrepreneurs can visit various networking events where like-minded individuals meet and share ideas. This great source of connections can boost your business instantly by introducing you to highly influential people. These connections can lead to invaluable opportunities including exponential growth if you meet the right people.” (Kevin Mercier)

6. Create Webinars

“New businesses can really benefit from webinars as it allows them to inform individuals about their new products. This is a proven way to instantly boost sales as it gives you the chance to slip in an irresistible offer at the end. Webinars are inexpensive, informative, and persuasive forms of advertising that also allow you to build relationships and have real-time conversations with leads.” (Kevin Mercier)

7. Partner Up

“While finding a suitable partner can be challenging, I've always considered partnerships to be life hacks for boosting business. By working with businesses that are complementary to yours, partners can benefit by sharing their customer bases, infrastructure, and expertise which can ultimately lead to rapid organizational growth.”

Kevin Mercier, Founder Travel Blog Kevmrc.com

8. Always Plan Ahead Of Time

“While agility is an essential characteristic for a startup, you can't operate a company by the seat of your pants. The greatest approach to remain grounded and safe while your company develops is to plan your next move in advance of all potential situations. Thinking ahead is sound advice, but it can be as easy as checking through all of your current contracts and comparing rates with the top credit card processors to see if you can get a better deal.”

Derek Warburton, CEO/Media Entrepreneur/Celebrity Stylist MrWarburtonMagazine

9. Make Sure You Hire The Appropriate Individuals

“You need a strong team to assist you to accomplish your objectives before you can even consider your company's development trajectory. Hiring the finest individuals you can find is a certain method to assure rapid expansion. It all boils down to assembling the appropriate team. Your firm will be better prepared for ongoing development if you hire diligent workers who are committed to its success. Delegating duties to concentrate on essential work will also free up time and energy, enabling you to perform at your best and foster a collaborative work atmosphere.”

Jennifer Foster, Managing Editor and Career/Life/Relationship Coach, Authority Astrology

10. Concentrate On Social Media

“Creating accounts on all of the main social media sites is another way to expand your company (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). With an active profile, you can better promote your company and connect with a larger number of prospective clients.

“Consumers can discover your company more quickly and are more inclined to share it with their friends if you have an account on the main platforms that you update on a regular basis. You'll also provide your audience a more engaging experience, making them feel more connected to your business and fostering trust.”

Jacob Villa, Co-Founder and Marketing Director School Authority

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