8 Benefits Of Landing A Job In Another Country

June 26, 2024
8 Benefits Of Landing A Job In Another Country

Once you graduate and begin your search for the perfect job, you find yourself wondering which road will lead you to greater success. You could consider working locally, remotely, for a national or international organization; ultimately, what matters is what suits your work requirements. 

Here we focused on one such path, talking to experienced business professionals elaborating on the benefits of working abroad.

Increase Your Chances Of Landing Larger, Better International Jobs

“The ‘foot in the door’ concept is especially important while working abroad because if you can demonstrate that you have the determination and dedication to make the move and stick it out, future employers will have more faith in you as a candidate. When applying for new positions, demonstrating that you have knowledge of the local market from previous roles in the area is also a significant plus, as it means you have more options in terms of what you want to accomplish. 

“Even if your dream job is on the other side of the globe, taking the steps to get there boosts your chances of landing the job, even if it isn’t for a few years. Working globally, like other beneficial career choices, may help you grow professionally and personally, and once you’ve mastered the worldwide job market, the world is your oyster.”

Naomi Stone, Development Manager at Room Service 360

Acquire New Language Skills

“If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language but haven’t had the opportunity, now is the time to do it. Being bilingual has been shown to make you smarter, and it is a valuable ability to have on your resume to complement your other qualifications. Your general communication abilities will increase as a result of this. Furthermore, after spending time in a foreign country and effectively communicating with people who speak a different language, tasks such as presenting a presentation or meeting with new clients will be a snap.

“Moving from one country to another allows a person to become more familiar with a variety of languages. Aside from one’s own tongue, one learns German, French, American English, and a variety of other languages depending on where one works and where one resides.”

Amber Morland, CEO & Founder of WinCope

Increased Communication Abilities

“Working with people from different backgrounds exposes you to a variety of working styles, forcing you to improve your communication skills and confidence as your career progresses. Teams in global corporations, for example, are typically made up of professionals from all over the world, allowing you to hone your cross-cultural communication abilities. As a person encounters language hurdles and many cultural differences, he or she can develop his or her communicative abilities. Dealing with all of these obstacles teaches you how to communicate effectively with people from diverse cultures and languages.”

Adam Fard, Founder & Head Of Design Adam Fard’ UX Agency

Across Cultures, You Learn How To Establish a Team

“One of the most significant professional talents a person can have is the ability to collaborate with others to overcome obstacles. The challenge always arises when group members have very different opinions about how to handle a problem. When cultural variations are added to the mix, these variances in viewpoint and methodology become much more obvious. Learning how to work through these differences and solve problems as a team in a foreign office is an invaluable professional education.”

Dr. Pooneh Ramezani, CEO, Co-Founder Dr. Brite

Learn A New Language and A Foreign Work Culture

“There are countless benefits of working in a foreign country. Let’s start with the obvious ones. You will learn a language and will understand in-depth the working culture in that country. When I was working in Spain in my early 20thies, I learned so much about the working etiquette and the amazing Spanish culture, which is much more than tapas, siesta, and manana. 

“My personal advice is to get outside of your comfort zone and get a job in another country as early as possible once you graduate. It will jump-start your career in the best possible way and will open so many doors to you. Not to mention the countless amazing international friendships you will create.”

Kfir Cohen, Global Operations SDC International

Helps Expand Your Professional Network

“One of the biggest resources someone can have is a strong and diverse professional network. These are the kinds of people who can help you out with finding vacancies, applying for jobs, or even start a business. When you start working abroad, you get a chance to diversify your current network. You get to meet and interact with people who you wouldn’t have the chance to back home.” (Austin Fain)

Cultural Awareness

“While this might be an obvious benefit, it has a few levels to it. Cultural awareness helps you tackle tunnel vision. You get a chance to see what people think and work like in places other than your normal setting. You get to interact with an array of consumers and see what their needs are. 

“Maybe you’ll even spot a trend within consumer needs in one of the countries that you’re working in and be able to start a business fulfilling that need back home. At least, that’s what I did when I left the consultancy to launch my own business back in Indiana.” (Austin Fain)

Might Be Able To Earn A Higher Salary

“Some countries are deprived of human capital and they’re willing to pay international workers a greater than the median salary. This means that you can earn more than your counterparts and do the same job as them. Who doesn’t like some extra buck in the account?”

Austin Fain, CEO Perfect Steel Solutions


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