8 Benefits of Working Remotely

July 22, 2021
October 12, 2021
8 Benefits of Working Remotely

As the 2019 pandemic caused lockdowns across the globe, remote work went on a steep rise. Routine office jobs turned into work-from-home jobs, while new enterprises took flight, bringing in a new trend for remote work. 

This proved life-saving for individuals as well as the economy. Working remotely has many valuable advantages, you get to spend more family time, the stress levels are down, you save time and costs.

We explored the remote work universe with some experts. Here are some of the more prominent benefits, according to them.

1. Cost-Saving

“It might be costly to commute to work. Travel expenses, parking, lunch, coffee and snacks, birthday cakes, colleague gifts, work attire, the list goes on and on. Some businesses even provide a stipend for refreshments or clothing as a perk. Working from home saves money on these costs, which can add up quickly. This means you'll have more money to spend on other things, which is always a good thing.”

Ansh Gupta, Founder of Empire Crafter

2. Work/Life Balance

“Working from home allows you to achieve a better work-life balance. Working from home might help you feel more in control of your life by giving you more time to organize work and home activities. This provides employees a sense of accomplishment and makes them more productive. When working from home:

  • There's no need to hustle to catch a train or drive through gridlock.
  • You don't need to bring any files or your laptop with you.
  • You may take a break whenever you like.
  • There are no tense workplace politics to deal with.
  • You spend more time with your family.”

Alex Claro, VPN Analyst Credit Donkey

3. Location

“Employees may work from any location, which is another advantage of working remotely. People are not obligated to live in a place that does not meet their standards or preferences, which reduces needless travel. Remote working helps couples maintain their jobs or at least reduce the transition period if one spouse is required to be based or assigned in a specific area. It doesn't matter if you live on top of a mountain or by the sea if you work remotely. You can work from anywhere on the globe as long as you have a strong internet connection.”

Bram Jansen; Chief Editor of vpnAlert

4. You Can Keep in Touch More Efficiently

“Because you don’t have everyone physically around every time, you become much more conscious of the significance of keeping in touch. Rather than just knowing that you can pop around the edge to chat about the site redesign whenever you like, you know that you require to write to her or at least have a video chat. So, either in the manner of composing your message or planning the meeting, you’ll improve your thoughts and questions and end up saving time for both of you when you do have that conversation.”

Daniel Foley, SEO Executive at MCS Software Rental

5. Remote Workers Are More Productive

“Increased productivity is one thing you can count on from your remote workforce. When compared to their in-office counterparts, remote employees performed roughly an extra day's worth of work each week. Depending on the specific employee, this boost in productivity could be ascribed to a variety of factors. They may discover that removing themselves from a frequently distracted typical work environment frees them more brain space for deep study and problem-solving. Other employees take advantage of their newfound freedom to do their most critical tasks at their most creative hours, whether it's early in the morning or late at night. Others continue to look for exciting locations in which to work so that they may devote their whole concentration to their task.”

Dusan Stanar, Founder & CEO of VSS Monitoring

6. You Can Stay Away From Office Politics

“You can't select your family, as the old adage goes, and the same may be said for your coworkers. When you work remotely, you may not be best buddies with everyone. Remote workers, on the other hand, prefer to avoid the gossiping and posturing that occurs in regular work settings because idle conversation and time spent just hanging out in the break room aren't available. Isn't that a big benefit for everyone involved?”

Ryan Dalal, CEO & Founder of JPG to PDF

7. Flexible Timetables

“Many remote jobs also have flexible timetables, which means that employees can start their day according to the convenience and end the day whenever they like, as long as their work is completed and performs productively. When it comes to responding to the requirements of your personal life, having control over your work schedule can be beneficial. 

“Moreover, remote workers who work from home can save a lot of money. Gas, car repairs, transport, parking charges, out-of-pocket lunches, and other expenses can all be cut back or eliminated. These small sums add up to more cash on hand, which helps in finance management.

Working remotely usually means fewer distractions, a lower level of noise, and more occasional meetings. When you factor in the lack of a commute, remote workers often have more time and fewer interruptions, resulting in higher productivity- a significant advantage of working from home for both individuals and companies.”

Perry Zheng, CEO & Founder CashFlowPortal.com

8. Employees are Less Likely to Quit as Stress Level Decreases

“The main benefit of working remotely is that employees are less likely to quit their job when working from home. There are no stressful commutes or tiresome and tense interactions with coworkers, so people working remotely are often happier. Happy employees are more productive and less likely to take days off or even quit their job. Also, since you are working in a familiar environment, you're less likely to experience anxiety and stress.”

Jeanine Duval, Co-Founder at Edelwyn

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