7 Qualities and Traits Employers Seek in Business Graduates

June 11, 2022
September 22, 2022
7 Qualities and Traits Employers Seek in Business Graduates

Today, artificial intelligence and robots are dominating the business industry. It is making a lot of people question, where do I belong? What can I do to stand out? Even though technological aptitude is highly valued, it cannot replace humans. Modern-day employers are still looking for candidates with soft skills and solid command over business operations. They want employees who can adapt to change, collaborate with teams, and take new initiatives. 

As a business graduate, you must know which skills employers value before you step into that interview. It will help you see things differently while allowing you to develop a versatile skill set. For this, understand the industry dynamics. Is it highly tech-driven? Are things changing rapidly? Depending on your industrial preference, you can improve your work ethic and analytical and problem-solving skills. Check out business analyst certifications available to help grow your career and build the required skill set.

Are you ready to make yourself marketable to recruiters? If so, have a look below. Here is a list of qualities and traits employers seek in business graduates.

1. Business Acumen

Do you know how things happen in the corporate world? Business acumen is your knowledge of how organizations and industries operate. It is your understanding of how companies function, perform, and generate revenue. In short, business acumen will give you a better idea of prospective career paths. So, how can you develop business acumen? 

Firstly, understand the marketplace. That includes industrial norms, business practices, and emerging trends. You can subscribe to newsletters, take a few short courses, or pursue higher education. Perhaps, you can enroll in an MBA online program with a specialization in finance or entrepreneurship. In addition to giving insights into the business world, this online program will allow you to pivot when the market demands. 

Second, learn about the customers. You can talk to customers directly to get their perspectives on the products and services. Besides collecting feedback, this gives an impeccable opportunity to improve business performance. Keeping up with these few things will allow you to become a champ in the business world. 

2. Digital Literacy 

Today’s technology-driven age demands digital literacy in almost every profession. Surprisingly, this demand goes beyond tech-related careers. After all, being comfortable with computers and software is a standard requirement for every workplace. And the business industry is no different. Therefore, every business student must work on their digital skill. 

You can take a few short courses to learn about automation in the workplace. See how monotonous workflows are getting automated, reducing workload from employees. Likewise, learn about emerging software solutions such as Cloud Technology, QuickBooks, and other applications in your field. Having know-how about smart tools will give you an edge over other candidates in the industry.  

3. Ability to take Initiatives 

Nowadays, employers expect their employees to go the extra mile. They want to work with people who aren’t afraid of taking new initiatives and finding new ways to expand the business. Therefore, instead of hesitating, be open about all your ideas in mind. In addition, present an action plan of how you will implement those ideas that will foster business growth. 

Remember, employees with initiative don’t wait for their managers to assign them tasks. They are self-motivated and driven to work and improve the company from its current position. Such employees offer a lot of value to a company; thus, project your creativity through your ideas and initiatives. 

4. Work Ethics & Compliance 

No matter what job, domain, or career path you pick, every employer will expect you have an incredible work ethic. That involves punctuality – coming to work timely, delegating tasks, and helping coworkers in routine tasks. Employers also expect students to beware of emerging laws, accounting principles, and tax regulations in the business field. They want to ensure the company complies with regulations, eliminating the likelihood of penalties.

Moreover, every employee should be confident enough to report fraud or suspicious activities. If you see employees preparing fraudulent cash vouchers, immediately report to the line manager. By having a professional attitude and work ethic, employers will be more likely to trust you, ensuring career growth. 

5. Analytical Skills 

As business dynamics evolve rapidly, employees must think through a problem and apply solutions decisively. And this only becomes possible if you have incredible analytical skills. You must know how to analyze a problem – understanding its root cause and impact. Accordingly, you have to think of solutions to curb the impact and resolve the issue, causing minimum damage. 

Analytical skills also involve data mining and business reporting. Employees that can manifest data and make sense of raw content are valuable assets in the market. Therefore, learn how to dissect and understand data. You should know how to think about situations while utilizing research to analyze data and stats critically.  

6. Teamwork & Collaboration

As a business student, you will have to cross-collaborate and work with people. Here, your teamwork skills will play a substantial role. Employers will judge you by your ability to work in a team. After all, employees that can work well with others and understand their point of view can develop creative solutions. 

If you are an incredible team player, communicate this to your employer during the interview. You can mention specific instances where you worked in a team and share positive results from your group effort. Remember, your level of teamwork will reflect your ability to collaborate effectively with different people. 

7. Problem-Solving Skills 

As per the World Economic Forum report, almost 36% of jobs require problem-solving skills. So, are you a competent problem solver? If not, brush up on your problem-solving skills. Employers have expressed a keen interest in college grads who can make decisions and solve problems. They look for employees who can evaluate situations, resolve conflict, and make decisions quickly. Therefore, learn to address and react to problems proactively. 

For problem-solving, you can enroll yourself in conflict resolution courses. The instructors will present several conflicts that can arise at the workplace, encouraging you to develop solutions. It will help you resolve conflicts while keeping everyone’s best interests in mind. 

Final Thoughts 

With evolving market dynamics, your communication and writing skills won’t be enough to secure a job. Employers want people with versatile skill sets. Perhaps, an employee who is up to date with digital software and technology has an incredible work ethic and is an active learner. Likewise, you have to be a team player and an impeccable problem solver with analytical skills. These skills will help you stand out, giving you an edge over other candidates.  

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