5 Ways to Use Web Hosting and Domain Name to Boost SEO

September 15, 2021
5 Ways to Use Web Hosting and Domain Name to Boost SEO

Online presence has become more important than ever, particularly due to the current pandemic and various restrictions that have been imposed as a consequence. More and more people are shopping online, classes at schools and universities have also made a switch to one of the online platforms and people are spending more time browsing the net, since many of them have to stay at home. This situation is also a great opportunity for every new company to establish itself well on the market with a great website. However, before any business owner starts thinking about the layout and design, they first need to consider web hosting and the name they are going to give to their domain. These two things are very important from the SEO aspect and every business wants to benefit from SEO organic traffic. If you’re not sure how these two elements impact SEO and, consequently, your online presence, we have prepared a list of reasons why you need to give web hosting and domain name their due attention.

Speed is highly appreciated

We have all become quite reliant on the Internet, which has its benefits, but downsides as well. Namely, we are used to getting feedback instantly, which has made us quite impatient. We no longer tolerate websites that take a long time to load and, in most cases, never return to them. Google has recognized this trend and it rewards those sites that load quickly by ranking them favourably. Since your goal is to have your site among the top answers, you really need to find a host that allows a quick loading.

Domain name

You must have thought long and hard about the name for your enterprise. You wanted it to be memorable, unique and reflect what you do. The same approach should be applied when choosing your domain name. Start by finding one that is easy to remember and spell, without hyphens or misspellings, no matter how funny you believe they are. Focus on shorter names that are easy to remember and try to get a domain with an extension that allows you to make everything even catchier, such as the cool .me domain. This will allow people to remember your online address more easily and recognize it among several options.


Another important contributor to the success of your online presence is security. Namely, many sites now allow visitors to purchase products or services online directly, which makes them a target of hackers very often. In order to ensure the security of both your and the information of your customers, you need to choose web hosting that provides the highest level of data protection, so that you avoid compromising all those data. Furthermore, search engines notice how secure a website is, which affects SEO. That’s why a reliable host and an SSL certificate are always a preferred choice, because search engines will find your site secure, and, as such, it will be awarded a better ranking. Finally, customers who have a great shopping experience are much more likely to return to the same website and they are bound to trust a certified site.


If your site crashes down often or goes through a lot of frequent maintenance, your SEO will definitely be affected. To avoid this, you need to opt for a hosting provider that isn’t notorious for such issues. People don’t want to visit the same site several times to make a purchase or get the info they need. They find it off-putting. Also, your ranking will suffer. It’s like visiting a traditional store during its working hours only to find “Back in 5 minutes” note. The same disappointment is felt by those who wish to visit the site and Google has learned to penalize such occurrences ruthlessly.


Possibly the trickiest of the five items mentioned in this text, exclusiveness refers to the option to use a shared network or use private hosting. Though you’ll find cheaper deals if you opt for a shared network, meaning you’ll be sharing your server space with other websites, it might not be the best idea, since your memory might be throttled. Instead, you might want to consider a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, which allows you to have your own dedicated serves space and increases load time and availability. Also, you’ll have more control over your site, content, customers and all other things necessary for your site to stay active.

There are many factors impacting SEO, but the domain name and hosting sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve. On the other hand, you need need organic search to drive as much traffic as possible to your site, which means all the relevant elements should be given the right amount of proper attention. SEO can only do its magic for you if you see the big picture, which certainly includes web hosting and domain name.

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