5 Outdated Hiring Techniques to Avoid in the Coming Year

October 8, 2021
5 Outdated Hiring Techniques to Avoid in the Coming Year

With millions of Filipinos actively searching for a job and competing for employment opportunities daily, there is an impression that hiring managers have it easy. However, human resources (HR) professionals will disagree. A recent study by human resource management software developer Sprout Solutions revealed that the recruitment process is the second-most challenging task for HR professionals. This finding suggests that while discovering applicants looking for jobs in the Philippines can be easy, finding the right candidate to fill positions is another story altogether.

If your recruitment team also finds the process taxing, it may be time to review and amend your hiring techniques. Times are changing drastically. Unless you consider your current needs and align your practices to address these requirements, finding and hiring talents may remain elusive. As the new year is coming, you may want to consider starting fresh. Here are five outdated recruitment practices that you may want to leave behind.

1. Relying Solely on Job Postings

Sure, you have a career page on your website, and you use online job boards to post available positions, but is that all? If so, it is probably high time that you make use of multiple and more creative sources to tap and connect with high-quality candidates. Instead of waiting for applicants to find you, be more proactive and go where they are. 

For instance, you may want to develop a social media recruiting strategy since Filipinos are known to spend considerable time on various social media platforms. Use hashtags and encourage your employees to share openings on their social accounts to reach more people. You can also peruse niche networks and forums to find experienced candidates. You can even organize seminars that target individuals in your industry. Ultimately, you need to think outside the box and take advantage of all available avenues to recruit talents.

2. Posting Poorly Written Job Ads

If you are reposting old job ads or copying generic samples from the internet, thinking it will save you time and energy, you better reconsider your strategy. Keep in mind that attracting numerous candidates in a short time is not the goal but reaching the people you truly need. This is why you should make an effort to create job advertisements that clearly outline the skills and experiences necessary to perform the position well. 

Be concise and accurate. If the job does not require a doctorate, don’t make it a requirement. Ultimately, effective job postings should help minimize the number of irrelevant resumes you receive while catching the attention of qualified talents from various industries.

3. Focusing on External Candidates

Although there is nothing wrong with looking at outside talents when positions open up, you may want to advertise internally first before opening them to external applicants. All things considered, hiring someone already familiar with your systems and operations is always advantageous. You can save valuable resources and empower the rest of your staff. Why would you risk demoralizing an incredibly hardworking and qualified employee by hiring an external candidate for a higher position and better pay? When you prioritize promoting internal candidates, you send a positive message that the company cares about their career growth and satisfaction. Thus, boosting employee loyalty and commitment. 

4. Insisting on Face-to-Face Interviews

If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic taught businesses, it is that a lot of work can be done remotely. Your team probably carried out most of your tasks these past months in the comfort of your own homes—including interviewing job applicants. Although you may have tried video interviewing essentially for safety and health reasons, this method should remain an option moving forward. Insisting to conduct face-to-face interviews might not be ideal for the foreseeable future, given the backlog in coronavirus vaccinations in the country. 

Besides minimizing the risk of exposure to the virus for both yourself and the applicants, adopting video interviewing as a recruitment method can help your organization access a much larger candidate pool. Think about how much you can expand your options. You don’t have to exclude talented candidates living in different parts of the country or even abroad. 

5. Using a Lengthy Recruitment Process

How many times have you lost a talented candidate to another company because your recruitment process took too long? Scheduling and conducting too many interviews, giving assignments to gauge their potential, and asking them to wait indefinitely without any assurance is a sure way to turn off quality candidates. 

Review your entire hiring process to determine choke points and find ways to streamline the different recruitment activities. Try using available tools and technologies toward this end. Ultimately, you want a simple system that allows you to achieve your recruitment goals without wasting the time and money of your potential employee. 

Make the coming year a perfect time to say goodbye to outdated hiring practices that no longer work. Remember that just because they brought successful results a few times does not mean that they will be effective forever. If you want to hire the best candidates, you need to innovate, think outside the box, and be consistently proactive. After all, a dynamic and exciting company that readily adapts to the changing times attracts equally vibrant and talented people. 


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