13 Things To Remember When Making Your Promotional Brochure

September 21, 2022
September 21, 2022
13 Things To Remember When Making Your Promotional Brochure

Promotional brochures are an excellent way to promote your company’s products and services. They can be used in a variety of ways, from advertising to newsletters. The most important thing when making one is that it should always be informative. This article will discuss 13 things you should remember when creating yours in order for it to get the most attention.

1. Make it Eye-Catching.

One of the most important things about a brochure is that it catches the reader’s attention. Use bright colors and interesting designs to make it stand out from the crowd.

2. Keep it Concise.

A brochure should be short and to the point, with information that is easy to read. Don’t overload the reader with too much text. You want to give them just enough information to pique their interest and make them want to learn more.

3. Use Pictures and Graphics.

Including pictures and graphics in your brochure is a great way to attract attention and help explain your product or service. They can help break up the text, making it easier to read, and also give the reader a better idea of what you are selling. Make sure to choose images that are relevant to your company and its products.

4. Be Informative.

A brochure should always be informative, providing the reader with all the necessary information about your product or service. Make sure to include a brief description, what it is used for, the benefits, and any other important details.

5. Keep it Up-to-Date.

Brochures can quickly become outdated, so it is important to keep them up-to-date with the latest information. Make sure to review and update them regularly, especially if your company’s products or services have changed.

6. Use Headlines.

Headlines are a great way to draw attention to important information and make it stand out from the rest of the text. They should be short and concise and explain the main point of the paragraph.

7. Use Fonts Wisely.

When choosing fonts for your brochure, it is important to use them wisely. Too many different fonts can be overwhelming and confusing for the reader. Stick to two or three typefaces at most, and make sure they are easy to read.

8. Make it Interesting to Read.

No one wants to read a boring brochure, so make sure to add some personality to it. Add quotes, anecdotes, and humor to make it more interesting. The reader will appreciate it and be more likely to keep reading.

9. Use Bulleted Points.

Bulleted points are a great way to highlight important information and make it easy to read. They are also visually appealing and can help break up the text.

10. Keep it Short and Sweet.

The average reader doesn’t have a lot of time, so make sure your brochure is concise and easy to read. Get to the point quickly and don’t overload the reader with too much information.

11. Use a Catchy Title.

A catchy title is a great way to draw attention to your brochure and make it stand out. It should be concise and explain the main point of the brochure.

12. Make it Easy to Find Information.

When designing your brochure, make sure to place the most important information in an easy-to-find location. This will help the reader quickly find what they are looking for without having to search through the entire brochure.

13. Use a Professional Design.

A professional design is essential for any good brochure. Make sure to hire a graphic designer who has experience creating brochures and can create a design that is both appealing and effective.

One great tip when making promotional brochures is to use Venngage—a free infographic maker that offers a wide range of brochure designs for all businesses. Here are some brochure examples from their website!

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