10 Technical Skills Every Marketer Should Have

September 13, 2022
10 Technical Skills Every Marketer Should Have

Digital marketing has turned into a major online industry. Where once marketing was mostly reliant on creative pitching, it isn’t enough anymore. These days marketers need to learn a range of technical skills to make it in the digital world. We consulted the experts, and here are the top essential skills they recommend gaining;


A good understanding of SEO is quite important for today's marketing. Much of today's marketing has gone online. Online advertisements and organic search engine optimization have taken the place of billboards and other physical advertising channels. A good understanding of keywords, SEO content development, Google PPC, and link building is quite crucial for a marketer today.

SEO goes hand in hand with almost every form of online marketing today. Understanding the data, tools, and methods behind SEO marketing can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful marketer today.

Sally Stevens, Co-founder FastPeopleSearch.io

Data Analytical Skills

Marketers of today need data analytical skills. You must be capable of analyzing datasets and discovering hidden patterns, especially those related to a customer's interaction with your business. While there are a lot of tools that can fetch data, it's the marketer's job to piece the puzzle together and draw meaningful insights. 

These insights help in crafting personalized marketing campaigns that appeal to different individuals according to their preferences. Going forward, companies will be on the lookout for marketers who can read, analyze and use data to create effective marketing campaigns. 

Elice Max, Co-Owner and Marketing Director of EMUCoupon

Basic Understanding Of Statistics

Marketers have never had access to as much data or the capacity to conduct as many tests as they have now. Most marketing teams, for example, use A/B testing as a common practice. However, not all marketers have been taught how to interpret and analyze data in order to determine how well an A/B test is performed. 

How do they know if a test was successful or not? When should they call a halt to a test and declare a winner? And how will the knowledge gained from these tests help them make better judgments in the future? 

Statistical significance, cohort analysis, standard deviations, and regression modeling are just a few of the fundamental principles that can help marketers better understand the meaning of the data they collect. 

Marketing Automation

Marketers no longer have to do everything by hand; hundreds of solutions now exist to automate many of the most typical marketing jobs. Marketers must master the use of automated tools in order to be successful in their positions. There are currently a variety of solutions that automate email marketing and personalization, for example. 

Personalized emails result in a 20% boost in revenue on average. Marketo, MailChimp, and ConvertKit are just a few of the platforms that allow marketers to segment and tailor the emails they send to customers in their funnel. 

This indicates that a marketer's ability to produce a tailored email may now be more dependent on their ability to use automated technologies than on their real writing talent. Marketers can adjust and tailor their approach by staying current in the automated environment. 

Zaeem Chaudhary, Architectural Draftsman at AC Design Solutions

Data Analysis Tools

Every marketer should have a working understanding of at least one data analysis tool. An important aspect of marketing is making sense of the data you're accumulating. Even if your marketing campaign is a great success, it doesn't matter much unless you can turn your findings into actionable improvements for the next one. Otherwise, market sentiment could change, and you might start to stagnate.

To make sure you stay on top as a marketer, develop a healthy understanding of data analysis tools. This includes options such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, and BuzzSumo. These tools are designed to gather and report on data from each of the channels within your marketing mix. 

The data itself is concerned with your email marketing, website visitor behavior, overall campaign performance, and several other branches of event data. This helps you generate insights that make your marketing activities more effective. It's a marketer's must-have.

Patrick Casey, Director of Growth Marketing at Felix Health

Database Querying

Giving a marketer the capacity to scratch their own itch, or answer their own questions about how consumers and prospects are behaving, is one of the finest ways to improve their performance. The majority of businesses rely on SQL-based databases, and knowing how to conduct database queries is one of the most crucial technical skills a marketer can have today.

For example, if a marketer needs to know the average purchase price for a user in a specific demographic during a specific time period, having the capacity to run database queries means they can find the answers on their own. This is a significant benefit to the marketer, as well as the rest of the organization; I am convinced. 

Nick Edwards, Director at Snow Finders

Every marketer should have a limited set of technical skills. Without these, success is limited.

Write Code

Unless you're planning to be a content marketer, it's essential for senior marketers to understand the production of their end product. While not all companies will need engineers on their marketing teams, you should understand how your work is constructed. 

There are two reasons for this: Making non-technical colleagues aware of the process involved in producing a product will help you get ahead of production roadblocks and ensure that your campaign is on schedule. You should also be able to produce an error log if something goes wrong with your model.

Use Data Visualization Tools

Whether it's integrating lookups into Excel or understanding dashboards, marketers must constantly be aware of data. 

Technical skills are critical for this - if you can't quickly visualize your data or even sort it smoothly, you're missing out on valuable insights that could help your campaign succeed.

Develop Design Knowledge

More often than not, the only technical skills that matter are the ones that have a direct effect on the final product. That being said, it's important to understand design elements so that you can judge how your work is being received. 

You need to know what makes an appealing email subject line, for example. Or what colors work best in a specific context. If you're unsure whether your design is user-friendly, it's time to brush up on that knowledge.

Carlos Barros, Director of Marketing at Epos Now

UX Designing 

The technical skill that every marketer should have is “UX designing”. This is because marketing is all about providing a good user experience to your customer of your product or service. If, for example, you have designed a buying experience on your website that isn’t effortless and smooth, you could end up losing a potential customer.

UX is not only for a business's checkout process, but it is involved at every point of the customer journey. A good UX can help you communicate effortlessly with your customers and put your brand message out. 

Azza Shahid, a digital marketer with a CS background at Physicians Thrive

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