What Is Testimonial Advertising

August 18, 2021
August 17, 2021
What Is Testimonial Advertising

Building a relationship with your customers can be the key to success. If you establish yourself as an expert in their industry, they will look up to you and trust what it is that you are selling them before buying anything from your company. In order for this strategy to work effectively, make sure testimonial advertising is part of the plan, so potential clients know how well whatever product or service has worked out within past cases like theirs and then maybe buy it themselves! Now let's discuss what testimonial advertising is.

What is testimonial advertising?

Testimonial advertising can take the form of audio, text, or video formats as part of your website and some other marketing materials. Effective testimonials offer visuals in addition to the finer details of what it's like using our products.

Here's why testimonial advertisements matter in today's competitive environment.

More Formalized Word-of-Mouth

Traditional word of mouth has a lot of impact in terms of influencing prospective customers. A testimonial advertisement acts as the formal form of traditional word of mouth but exists more permanently than it does. Positive comments from former buyers are an incredibly powerful tool for strengthening overall branding and company positioning when accompanied by visuals like photos or videos that help make this experience all the better for consumers looking to find their next purchase decision.

Testimonial Advertising Strengthens Credibility and Expertise

For a business to grow its loyal customer base, it must establish credibility and a level of expertise that customers can trust. The smart way for them to do this is through testimonial advertising; when people read what other people have said about your company's product or service, it tells them you are trustworthy and the first thing many consumers look at before any purchase decision.

When customers attach videos and photos and videos relating to their experience with your product/service, it's easier for buyers to prove credibility. Similarly, Suppose you display visual testimonials from old influencer clients on social media platforms or in print ads. In that case, this can increase your company's professionalism level as well as strengthen the client-company relationship. 

To see some great examples of testimonial advertising that have been successful, check out brands like Kimpton Hotels, Quay Sunglasses (from major publications), Limecrime Makeup, and Bouqs Flowers.'

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