What Are The Three Most Important Legal Issues In Human Resources Management?

September 17, 2021
December 30, 2022
What Are The Three Most Important Legal Issues In Human Resources Management?

Human Resource Management (HRM) is more than just hiring and payroll. Their responsibilities also include protecting employees, practicing legal and ethical hires, and more much. Today we are going to discuss the three most important issues that need to be resolved by HRM.

Discrimination and favoritism:

HR groups are legally committed to practicing certain screenings when recruiting new employees. Many US laws mandate various labor laws, including not practicing discrimination against people for age or disability status. HR professionals must use good judgment in their application process so as they can recruit only qualified candidates without violating any employment statutes. And it's really nice if you're aware your company might have an anti-discrimination policy after someone has been hired.

It's not legally possible to fire someone for the same reasons they can't be overlooked. For example, gender or health is an insufficient reason as it is against company policy. They should have management training in how to interact with employees at a supervisory level so that favoritism doesn't arise either protect their own interests.

Hiring managers could learn about these policies from HR professionals when taking on new projects!


It's important to have a harassment policy in place and ensure that it's readily available and make sure new employees are aware of this when they start their job. Companies also need mandatory training for managers so HR can handle any complaints fairly with impartiality.

On occasion, it might be necessary to take action outside of human resources, such as filing litigation if bullying or other illegal activities occur within your workplace environment that needs mediation instead. In these cases, an attorney would be best suited who has experience working specifically where you work at now.

Other payroll issues: 

Employers should ensure they fully compensate their employees with legally mandated wages and overtime. Keeping accurate records of who is exempt from minimum wage, which includes salary vs. hourly status, for instance (to make sure you're in compliance), will help avoid costly penalties or mistakes that could cost the business money down the line.

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