Top 5 Gift Ideas That Provide Financial Security to Your Sister

April 21, 2022
April 22, 2022

Raksha Bandhan is counted among the top festivals in India as it has more significance and value for brothers and sisters. In this festival, sisters tie designer rakhi on the brothers' wrists and give blessings to them, which works as divine protection to keep them healthy and safe for the brother and brother give a gift to the sister in return and promise to keep them safe for whole life. 

But when we talk about the gift for sister, it becomes a daunting task. Because it becomes difficult to decide what to give the sister will like, to make your sister happy, there are many gift ideas, but in this Rakhi, give your sister a different gift that can make your sister financially secure. 

If you want to make your sister safe, it would be good to make your sister financially secure. Many gift options are available that can make you financially secure, such as FD, SIP, and more. 

Best Gift Ideas to Make Your Sister Financial Strong

Here we have compiled a list of a few such gift ideas that will give your sister financial security.

Buy Gold As a Gift 

You can give anything which is made of gold. If your sister likes to wear gold jewelry, it would be a good idea to gift jewelry like earrings, chains, neckless, rings, or any other ornaments you like. Buy giving such a gift; your sister can wear that and use them if needed. Otherwise, you can gift gold coins as per your budget. The best part of giving gold is that its value does not decrease. Even with the increase in the gold price, the value of your gift would be increased. Gold can help deal with the opposite situation if it comes in the future. With the gold, one can get money by exchanging gold.

Gift Gold Units and Gold ETFs

Gold units, i.e., the minimum quantity of gold that can be gifted in place of actual gold. As the price of gold rises, the price of your ETF unit will also increase. If needed, your sister can sell the ETF units and buy gold or gold ornaments equivalent.

Gift SIP in Mutual Funds

You can open SIP in your sister's name, which you can pay every month. After a few years, this amount can become as big as a big dream of your sister can be fulfilled.

Gift FD on the name of the sister

It would be a good idea to gift FD. You can make a fixed deposit of a certain amount per your sister's budget. On the FD, interest is available from 6.5 to 7% on FD, which would increase the deposited money. And with the FD good thing is that it can also be broken if needed.

Gift Health Insurance

Health insurance is one the good financial gift. You can get health insurance for your sister, which will relieve her from hospitalization expenses during any illness if faced in the future. 

Gift Stocks 

You can gift your sister stocks by buying the stock of any company. You can buy stocks in her name from the stock market if you wish. Before buying, you should have good knowledge so that money would get an increase in the future. Even stocks bought at low prices become worth lakhs after years.


These gift suggestions can not work as a treasure, but these are a part of financial security means these could be used in tough times if faced. Before buying any financial security gift, you need to do proper research to increase the price when needed. 

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