Tech Hacks To Build A High-Performing Remote Team

February 2, 2023
February 2, 2023
Tech Hacks To Build A High-Performing Remote Team

The remote model is here to stay because it saves companies huge sums on space and infrastructure. Moreover, the pandemic proved that the model works and delivers results for organizations. Not surprisingly, many companies have decided to continue with hybrid work. But performance may always be a concern when employees work from out of the office and managers cannot be around physically. Thankfully, technology can come to your rescue and help you maximize the productivity and efficiency of your WFH employees. Here are a few proven tech hacks to build a high-performing remote team.

Establish effective communication channels

Nothing matters more than effective communication when running a remote team. You can do your bit to help employees by establishing effective communication channels like emails, instant messaging platforms, and video conferencing systems. Workers can overcome common communication mistakes and challenges with the right tools and channels that fit their needs and expectations. For example, emails are great for client communication, instant messaging apps help with quick conversations with co-workers, and videoconferencing software is ideal for virtual meetings.

Prioritize productivity over digital presence

You may want your remote team to be present during work hours, which is absolutely valid. But productivity should be a bigger priority to make the most of the flexible work model. For example, an employee may need to leave the desk to handle an emergency at home. Giving them the benefit of flexible work is a good idea, provided they complete their tasks on time and within the quality standards. When they put in extra hours should hardly matter unless you need to attend an urgent virtual meeting.

Empower your managers

Empowering your managers is another aspect of building a high-performance remote team for your business. Giving them reliable Remote Monitoring and Management tools is the best start, as they help them to track, monitor, and manage subordinates. The best part is that managers can stay out of the micromanagement mindset when they have technology on their side. The system creates a positive work environment within the team, where everyone trusts each other.

Be ready to handle tech glitches

While technology can help keep your remote team productive and connected, you cannot expect it to be foolproof. Your employees may encounter tech glitches more than once, and these issues can affect their productivity. The worst part is that you cannot depend on your in-house IT support team to troubleshoot problems promptly. Keeping your team members ready to handle common technical problems can help prevent significant disruptions. You can provide basic training and resources to ensure that employees are ahead of tech glitches.  

Encourage virtual social interactions

Isolation and lack of team bonding are often the most overlooked concerns of managing remote teams. You can overcome them by encouraging virtual social interactions between employees. Think beyond professional meetings and conversations, and organize team bonding events for them. You can even create a virtual water cooler for people to interact one-to-one, have group chats, and know each other better. A team with good camaraderie is always more productive in the long run.

Technology is the cornerstone of successful remote operations, regardless of the size of the team. Follow these tech hacks to maximize their performance, productivity, and efficiency. 

Author Bio: Sara Green is a professional content writer, working for Outreach Monks for seven years. He holds expertise in business and tech niches and, thus, delivers content that offers new and trending information in an easy format.

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