Speed Up The Slow Browser On Mac: Here Are The Ways

January 31, 2024
January 31, 2024
Speed Up The Slow Browser On Mac: Here Are The Ways

If you are a Mac owner, you probably must be knowing how frustrating it is to experience the slow browser speed. Many factors affect the browser’s speed. Some of these factors are - opening too many tabs at a time or the existence of any threat or malware. Whatever may be the reason, you can take certain steps to resolve these issues and work efficiently with faster browser speed. If you are among the ones facing the issues with your browser speed, you have come up at the right place. Here we will provide you with the methods that will fetch you the faster browser speed. Scroll down a bit to find all the answers. 

Reset the browser – When was the last time you updated your browser? If it’s been long, then you need to do it now. Because over time, if you don’t update your browser, it build-up a pile of files that can make the system slow. Delete the browser history and a few bookmarks. 

To reset the Safari browser, take the following steps – 

  • Go to “Safari,” then “Preferences.”  
  • Click on “Privacy.” Here, you will find the option “Manage Website Data.” Now, delete the cookies. If you have an older version, you can reset Safari with the “reset Safari” option in the “Safari Menu.”
  • Also, don’t forget to clear the history (Click on “Safari” and then “clear history”). 

Look if there is any malware – If your browser speed is slow, the reason could be the presence of adware or malware. Why is this so? Because the viruses and malware consume the random access memory and central processing unit. It further makes use of the internet connection to send the data from the infected Mac to a server of the hacker. 

Hence, it is right to say that a Mac must be free from any adware or malware so that you can enjoy fast internet and ultimately a fast browser. 

Clear cache – Whenever you open any application or browse anything, a copy of it is created in your system. These copies are called “cache” files. They are also called special temporary files. If you don’t clear them at regular intervals, these files start to pile up. This may even lead to application crashes. To get rid of macOS temporary files, follow these steps – 

  • Go to the “Safari” browser. Select “Preferences.” Here, you will see the “advanced tab.” 
  • From the menu bar, enable “Show develop menu.”
  • Go to “develop” in the menu bar. Finally, select the option of “empty caches.” 

Close tabs: Let us ask you a simple question! How many tabs have you opened in your system at the moment? The more tabs you open, the less your internet speed becomes. Hence, try to open as few tabs as possible to have the best speed.

Final words

Whether you use your Mac personally or professionally, fast browser speed is the need of the hour if you want to work efficiently. Using the above-mentioned tricks can help you resolve the issues that you are facing. May you have a faster speed!

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