Italian Investor Visa Basics For Entrepreneurs With A Global Vision

July 6, 2022
July 6, 2022
Italian Investor Visa Basics For Entrepreneurs With A Global Vision

With international businesses becoming a norm, entrepreneurs are open to the idea of setting up overseas. In fact, most of them wish to establish in another country rather than export or import goods. Italy is among the favorite global business destinations as it brings the best of everything for business owners. From easy regulations to favorable tax rules and broad markets, the country offers a lot to entrepreneurs from abroad. Moreover, the investor visa eases the immigration process. You can connect with the team of Investor Visa for Italy LLC to understand how the process works. Here are the investor visa basics you can rely on as an entrepreneur with a global vision.

Multiple Investment Alternatives

The financial part of the investor visa is perhaps the most daunting aspect for global entrepreneurs. The good thing is that you need not bring in millions as an investment because you have multiple alternatives. You can actually launch with a shoestring budget as there are options running in thousands. Here are the investment alternatives you can explore-

  • €250,000 in an innovative startup company
  • €2500,000 in an established business
  • €1 million as a donation to a public project
  • €2 million worth of government bonds

Minimal Paperwork

The paperwork is often painful when it comes to immigration processes. You cannot expect to spend months gathering documents while preparing to launch a business overseas. Thankfully, the Italian investor visa process requires minimal documentation. The bank statements are the primary requirement as they validate your investment capacity. The steps involved are minimal, and you can complete the process within a couple of months. 

Security of Funds

Another great thing about the Italian investor visa is that it ensures the security of your money. You need not bring the funds throughout the process, and bank proof is enough to get your certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) for the investor visa. The money comes in only after obtaining a residence permit on landing in Italy. You also get a three-month deadline to bring in the deposit. 

Business Expansion Prospects

Besides enabling you to land in Italy and set up your venture here, the investor visa also opens up business expansion prospects. You can grow your company beyond the Italian markets and extend your reach across the EU with the visa-free travel benefit. The residence permit gives you the advantage of hassle-free travel in the Schengen zone, so expansion is easier than you imagine. 

A Road to Citizenship

The investor visa gets you on the road to Italian citizenship in the long run. You can get a second passport after an extended stay of a decade in the country. All you need to do is retain your original investment for the period and renew your residence permits along the way. Your family can join you without additional investment, and they also qualify for citizenship by naturalization.

Now that you know all about the Italian investor visa, you will be more confident about getting started with your global enterprise. Remember to collaborate with an expert to make the journey even smoother. 

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