How to Relax to the Max in California

June 13, 2024
June 13, 2024

There is most definitely truth to the rumor that California, and particularly Los Angeles, is known for its glitz and glamour, spectacular star-studded parties and all-round hustle culture. However, if you look a little deeper and closer into LA life there is a softer and calmer side that some might not be aware of. Balance is truly the key to life, and California knows just how to do it. With the tech industry and the fast-paced nature of life moving at lightning speed, sometimes the best medicine is to find places that allow you to breathe deeply, strike a yoga pose and leave you with a long-lasting feeling of well-being—something that everyone could use a little more of. 

Start Off with a Bang

While this article will take you on an outdoor adventure, would it really be a trip to Los Angeles if you didn’t see at least one basketball game? Don’t overthink it, just get Lakers vs Clippers tickets online to experience what the best of basketball has to offer, or choose whatever team you want to support and go watch them play live. After you’ve ticked that bucket-list item, along with seeing the Hollywood sign and treating yourself to some tacos, nature will be calling your name.

Walk it Off

Los Angeles is not really the best place when it comes to public transport, so renting a car is a good idea. However, that will inevitably have a negative effect on your daily steps. So, the recommendation of the week: Yosemite National Park, something out of a story book with ancient sequoia trees lining hiking trails. Nature, especially a place this stunning, has a certain effect on people, it draws you in with its beauty and leaves you speechless at the intricacy of it all, how every organism works together to create a whole. There are guided hiking tours around Yosemite National Park available, and with the National Park being the size that it is, joining a guided tour isn’t a bad idea for safety reasons. Another option is to grab your backpack and book a 4-day guided tour of Yosemite and Tahoe. This is relaxation in its purest form, no gadgets or fancy devices needed, simply enjoy going with the flow of nature and feeling in touch with Mother Nature.

Surf’s Up

Surfing is a very LA activity to do, anywhere from thirty minutes to a few hours is ideal to get your body moving and those endorphins flowing. Many may not quite appreciate the benefits of leaving one’s routine behind and delving into the underwater world. Surfing is a combination of skill, balance, swimming and gut feeling when it comes to which waves to choose. Depending on the swell, a morning or afternoon surf session can be enjoyed any time of year because of the marvelous weather California is famous for. With so many friendly surf experts around, why not partake in a surf lesson in Venice Beach? Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or have a little experience on the board, swimming and exercise has a significant impact on mental well-being and is the cornerstone of relaxation.

Spa Time

Picture a morning buffet with healthy treats followed by a yoga session and breath work, and that’s only the morning. Spas are definitely a good place to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your purpose. It really is all about balance, and after you’ve enjoyed a relaxing morning stretching and toning those limbs, lunch is served with a locally-sourced glass of wine. This could be your reality if you decide to leave the rat race, if only for a weekend, and combine wine with a spa day (or week) in Napa Valley, one of California’s most relaxing spaces. There’s nothing better than living in the moment, enjoying the sun and taking care of yourself, merging inner with outer comforts, and finding peace more easily than you ever thought possible.

Farm to Table 

Wellness and relaxation, in other words happy places, do go hand in hand with nutrition and stellar dietary choices. You know the saying “you are what you eat”, meaning that what you put into your body will inevitably have an immense effect on your mental state, your physical body and even your ability to cope with stressors. Food has a direct correlation to your overall well-being, the foundation of relaxation some might say. And California won’t let you down in this area either. A farmer’s market in Cali is like sand on the beach, and that doesn’t mean Californians offer up below-average goods at their stalls. Quite the opposite actually: thanks to the lush climate, avocados and almonds are always on the menu, as are tomatoes, sweet potatoes and berries. Local farmers bring the very best, seasonal produce from their farms, much to the delight of locals and tourists alike. There’s a certain peace of mind that you get, knowing that you’ve eating something locally and ethically sourced, which just adds another layer of relaxation, gratitude and happiness to your over-all well-being.

The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle released a book with the title The Power of Now, which is about only living in and for the present, not ruminating on the past or fearing the future. Relaxation has a lot to do with being and living in the now. Finding peace within yourself and being at ease in your skin comes from being consistent in how you choose to treat yourself and others. It’s a choice to eat well, join a yoga class or visit a farmer’s market instead of a fast food restaurant, and it’s a choice to be compassionate with yourself and take your time with anything you do in life. All the external activities are fantastic, and LA does provide a myriad of entertainment options, but true relaxation and peace isn’t linked to a place or location, it’s something you have inside of you on any trip you take.


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