How to Master Public Speaking Engagements

October 21, 2022
October 21, 2022
How to Master Public Speaking Engagements

Public speaking is feared around the world. The trembling hands, the dry mouth, the memory loss as you stare out to a crowd of onlooking peers. It can understandably be a scary prospect for many. However, with some help, it doesn’t have to be quite so intimidating.

Let us examine a few things that will enhance your delivery for public speaking engagements and a final step that will help you master it.

Start with long notes

As you work out what you want to say, it is sometimes easier to go with very extensive notes that you can follow along and practice out loud. This will get you comfortable with the material and used to the flow of the speech.

It also allows you to cut out and edit parts that need work. Bear in mind however that these notes do not need to be read word for word and should only serve as a rough guideline.

Highlight the key points

Next we are going to cut out as much of the content as possible and replace them with the main points that you want to highlight along with any key phrases that will help you remember what it was that you wanted to say.

Some people reference the source material, others mark down questions and some write down specific trigger words that only they would benefit from.

Work on extemporaneous delivery

With the key points laid out and the main speech already imprinted into your mind, you can now reattempt the speech without having to follow along quite so much. Try to start talking with your chin held high. 

Look back to your key points as you need to but try to keep your speech natural and unique. You do not need to remember everything word for word. Use whatever phraseology comes into your head to effectively deliver the main points you are trying to highlight.

In this way, it will come off less robotic, more from the heart and more believable. Nobody wants to listen to a fake speaker. By speaking in your own words, you will be more convincing and more motivating.

Get training

Last of all, speaking ability is not something that you can pick up in a day. Often it takes time and training from an effective speaker with public engagement experience. Search out someone who can help you harness your inner strengths and who can listen to your speaking and offer constructive criticisms on how to improve.

With proper training, not only can you speak in front of large audiences but you can master the art of public speaking.


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