How To Market A Consulting Business

August 17, 2021
How To Market A Consulting Business

In Start, Your Own Consulting Business, Entrepreneur Press and writer Eileen Figure Sandlin show you how to start a profitable consulting business. You can focus on HR placement or computer troubleshooting – whatever your heart desires! In this edited excerpt, we will look at five ways to market your new venture.

Now that your new business is up and running, it’s time to start marketing. You need a strong online presence so potential clients can find you when they search for services like yours. Remember: just because people may not know how important what you offer them will be in the future doesn’t mean there isn’t demand!

Here’s are the conventional methods favored by consultants to get the word out about your business:

Direct mail

Direct mail marketing is a nice way to drum up a new business because it’s targeted and focused on the exact audience you want to reach. You create or rent a target prospect list, then send your prospective clients an enticing sales letter with a brochure of flier enclosed that describes in detail what consulting services you offer.


Advertising is expensive, but it’s important to spend your advertising dollars wisely. It might be necessary for you to advertise in specialized trade journals or magazines depending on the type of services you offer and what would best reach your target market. You need to consider placing ads in any specialty section, which includes a “Consultants Directory” or “Directory of Consulting Services.”


Newsletters are a nice way to get connected with clients and remind them that you’re still available if they need help. Newsletters can be an effective tool in rounding up new business for your consulting company, through informative newsletters filled with current news stories of interest or those focused on specialties like technology or design.


For a consultative approach to marketing, ask for client referrals. Send thank-you notes or short letters when your consulting assignment ends, and be sure that the customer is satisfied in order to ensure they will refer you with enthusiasm. No need to put them on the spot – simply send an email asking about their connections who might benefit from your services!


How do I market my consulting business on social media?

Here are the Ways to Promote Your Consulting Business

  1. Position Yourself as an Expert.
  2. Expand Your Network.
  3. Engage Followers with Catchy Content. 
  4. Find New Audiences.
  5. Connect with Other Users.

How can I brand myself as a consultant?

  1. Let your personality shine through.
  2. Focus on memorable, personable customer service.
  3. Do not forget the practical side of branding.
  4. Contribute to thought leadership in your field.
  5. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

How do marketing consultants work?

A marketing consultant is someone who evaluates current marketing efforts and makes suggestions for improvements, plans and implements social media or other campaigns, trains marketers on best practices in order to reach consumers.

Is consulting a good career?

Working in consulting is a rewarding, challenging way to work. You will get an insider’s view into how the global economy works and have the opportunity to put your stamp on it!


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