How to Build Small Business Brand

December 1, 2021
December 1, 2021
How to Build Small Business Brand

Setting up a new business is always a challenge. However, the challenge doesn’t end when you are open for business- now, you need to work on building your brand. We brought in the experts to help us out with this one- and here are their top pieces of advice on what we need to do to build up our small business brand.

Be Distinct

It's true that saying it is easier than doing it. You must offer something the market hasn't heard of in order to attract more customers and investors. Your product or service must be authentic enough to elicit feelings of awe, interest, or even surprise. The most crucial factor is that your brand identity does not offend anyone.

Design A Logo That Will Stick In People's Minds

You'll need to come up with a catchy name and a distinctive logo once you've decided on your core product or service. Some businesses wait until later to do this, but you'll have the best chance of succeeding if you set yourself apart from the competition from away. Because visual effects are more potent than ever before, it's critical to develop a strong logo and brand identity for use in print, online, and social media.

Enlist The Help Of Your Customers As Brand Ambassadors

When it comes to clients, they should be considered as more than just buyers. You should think of them as brand ambassadors because each one of them is a walking advertisement for your company. As a result, it's critical to build a good rapport with them, as well as to keep them pleased and satisfied. 

Offer special discounts, loyalty programs, and other incentives to encourage your customers to use more of your services. People, in general, enjoy being a member of a club and receiving appreciation for their efforts, even if it's just a small purchase.

Andrei Kurtuy, Co-founder & CCO at Novorésumé

Consumer-Generated Marketing

Building a brand means finding ways to get consumers to feel good about your company. The hope is they will feel so positive about your business they will become loyal, repeat customers who spread the word about your business to others. 

Strategies can be as simple as returning calls and messages. You can also give loyalty points for return customers. You can use consumer-generated marketing to get consumers to feel like they are part of your brand. Also, filling orders accurately and quickly all go a long way in boosting your brand. 

Last, have personalized communication and not canned responses. Branding also includes being memorable in a good way. For instance, you can have a concise motto like Nike's Just Do It. These simple but effective methods help boost your brand as a small business. 

Janice Wald Blogger, Blogging Coach, Freelance Writer Mostly Blogging

Select A Memorable Name

You have fewer than ten seconds to establish a first impression, and I believe the name of your business has an effect on how people see you. Make your brand's name simple, relevant, and memorable while still effectively communicating your brand's message. 

Obtain An Emotional Reaction From Your Audience

Triggering an emotional response can have an effect on our memory. How you elicit emotion in your target audience can have a significant impact on whether and how they perceive your brand, which can aid in your brand-building efforts. Create a voice, message, and identity for your firm that will elicit an emotional response from your audience. This will differ per company; one may be more nostalgic, while another may be more amusing.

Edward Mellett, Founder of Wikijob.uk

Identify A Unique Selling Point

The first stage in developing a strong brand identity is to find a quality or group of qualities that distinguish you from the competition, which you might call your unique selling point (USP). When it comes to building brand awareness, it's critical to research your rivals and learn how they define their brands, as well as how they don't define their brands. This will help you identify the brand traits that you can name your own.

Integrate Your Personality

Consumers like to hear from companies that have a sense of humor and personality. Show off your personality: your sense of humor, your enthusiasm for your field, and your distinct features. You'll notice that when your personality seeps through, you'll be able to interact with your clients on a deeper level, enhancing their total brand loyalty. Be true to yourself! Consumers are astute, and genuine relationships with your brand elicit positive responses. 

 Isla Sibanda, an entrepreneur, and a Cybersecurity Specialist at privacyaustralia.net

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the different brand growth strategies out there, from viral social media to search engine optimization. If you focus on one approach and stick with it through thick and thin, you are much more likely to be successful. It will take you time to learn how to make your strategy effective, time to get results, and a lot of work to move the needle.

Quick wins rarely work because, if they did, everyone would do them. Avoid flitting from idea to idea, and master one technique.  

In my case, I focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This in itself is a broad category, perhaps too much so. It means ensuring I’m covering content being searched for, having a good site structure, and promoting my website to other website owners. 

The proper research tools for SEO cost money. That’s on top of the time I need to learn, then apply this strategy. I can’t imagine focusing on another technique at the same time. 

I look at what I know about SEO now and realize how much I’ve grown. Had I moved on to another technique after a few months, I wouldn’t have had any success, and, perhaps worse, I wouldn’t have learned anything. 

Beatriz Garcia is the founder of Clan Kitchen,

Content is Key!

Content marketing is a cost-effective and simple-to-implement method of reaching out to your target audience. First and foremost, it will assist you in establishing yourself and your firm as experts in the field. Make yourself a valuable source of information for your audience. Share your knowledge and respond to queries from your community. People will remember you when it comes to making a purchase because they trust your knowledge.  

Second, maintaining a blog with high-quality and relevant information on a regular basis will increase visitors to your website. It's no secret that content is king when it comes to SEO. As a result, the more useful and SEO-friendly content you write, the more visitors you will receive. It's all about Google rankings. 

Your Client Will Help Build Your Brand

When it comes to clients, they should be considered as more than just buyers. You should think of them as brand ambassadors since each one of them is a walking advertisement for your company. 

As a result, it's critical to build a good connection with them, as well as to keep them pleased and satisfied. Offer special discounts, loyalty programs, and other incentives to encourage your customers to utilize more of your services. People, in general, enjoy being a member of a club and receiving appreciation for their efforts, even if it's only a small purchase.

Mellanie Ullrich, the co-founder at lashfridays.com

Building a brand is not fast, but when you have the right directions, it’s not as difficult as you can imagine; before you start thinking about it, you should list your products or services, why you are doing it, make the Ideal Customer Profile, so you know who you are going to talk to and you could define your brand voice. 

Define Your Mission

That should reflect your style, the goals you want to meet, and where you want to go as a brand.

Design Your Logo And Style

Should be something that represents your brand voice, differentiates you from your competitors, and that you are comfortable with. That's going to be the first thing your customers will see, and you can’t change it every other day because you get bored. 

Build Your Website And Social Media

You can start with social networks, and there is where you will build your community, but every trustable brand has a website too.

Offer Something To Your Customers

The famous lead magnet. Before purchasing your products or services, they should trust you, so give them something that proves your value in the field and show them you are worth it. It could be an E-Book or a free sample. 

Zoila Streich, Co-founder and Blogger Independent Fashion Bloggers

Think Of Your Brand As A Person

Every person you meet has a unique personality, right? So do brands. Not all personalities are appealing, so try to make your brand have a personality that you, and most importantly, your target audience will love. Do extensive research on your target audience, and try to find a niche.

There's nothing that makes brands lose more resources than advertising a great product to the wrong audience. Study your target audience very well,  and even try to find a niche, a group of very specific individuals, to offer them personalized experiences. There lie your most loyal consumers.

Customer Experience Is King

Customer experience not only guarantees you a happy, loyal client; it also transforms your clients into mini-marketers who will definitely recommend your brand to other people. Especially when you have competitors that sell for cheaper than you, customer service will make a statement in how you differentiate from others.

Clearly Define Your Marketing Objectives

You can not start marketing a brand if you don't have a goal to reach. How will you measure your success? How will you know when something is not working? Without goals, you cannot build a strategy, let alone a brand. 

Sam Shepler is the founder and CEO of Testimonial Hero.

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