How Does Organizational Behavior Affect the Workplace?

February 21, 2024
February 21, 2024
How Does Organizational Behavior Affect the Workplace?

Organizational behavior is the study of how people behave in an organization. It's a field that examines the effects of incentives on human motivation and decision-making and how these factors affect individual and group performance. The field also looks at what motivates employees to do their best work. In this blog post, we are going to discuss how does organizational behavior affects the workplace.

Organizational Culture

The atmosphere in organizations is created by the values and motives of those that work there. Employees are more productive when they feel respected, which also benefits their relationships with others on staff. A study conducted by HBR found 20,000 employees who felt trusted were five times as likely to align themselves with company goals than an employee without a sense of trust from management.

Incentive System

Employees tend to feel more motivated when there is a solid reward system. Once this effective system has been established, it is necessary to reward employees who perform well. They should be consistently applied within the company. A study from the Human Resource Journal proposes that there are three types of contingent pay: performance-related pay, profit-related pay, and share ownership.

In the past, many companies have implemented performance-related pay with little to no success. However, a recent study says that this might just be because they aren't doing it right! Researchers at Warwick Business School in England interviewed 1,293 employees from private sector workplaces across the United Kingdom. They found out that only those paid on how well they did their job reported being more satisfied and committed than others. Good organizational behavior proves what most business experts already know: incentives are motivational factors for people to perform better as an employee of any company--and figuring out which ones work best will help ensure your workforce is happy!

Decision Making

The stakes of decisions are often high in a business environment. The proper organizational habits can help foster creativity and innovation, but only if employees feel included and knowledgeable about the company's history. Effective communication is key to this involvement, so managers need to be aware that they should also uphold their end by openly communicating with the staff!

You can improve your work culture by focusing on what you want to maintain and modify to eliminate the negative aspects. This action will create a more efficient organizational environment where people have less stress because they know their employers care about them! 

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