What Is Banner Advertising

June 19, 2024
June 19, 2024
What Is Banner Advertising

A banner ad or a web banner is an ad displayed on the internet. The advertisement consists of either an image (.jpg, .png) or a multimedia object (created using Flash). Thus they can be static images and animations depending on the technology used to make them."

So how exactly does banner advertising work?

Just like a physical banner outside of a shop would make you enter the store because it says they offer great discounts on specific products or new products that pique your curiosity. It's no different with online banners. Let’s take a look at how does banner advertising work online.

Increasing customer traffic

The banner ad encourages the visitors to go on the website of the advertisers by clicking on it. It is a strategic plan for sales and marketing. And through this method, they are paid in many ways (CTRs, impressions, time spent on the web page, etc.). But what can you do? The best tool for measuring if your campaign was successful is Creatopy Analytics.

Target provides a great example of how banner ads are used to increase traffic. They plan their ad strategy around specific periods.

Sell a product

Banner ads are a great way to promote a product.

And here, it's all about the proper context and placement. For it to be relevant and practical, the banner ad placed on a particular website has to be related to that niche and offer an answer for everything you're looking for in one place!

Let's look at Airbnb, for instance. Airbnb's success is owed in no small part to Google display ads. They started to expand by searching for platforms and channels that target a specific audience and then put out those related to what the audiences were looking for.

Grab the customer's attention

Capturing someone's attention nowadays can be challenging, especially in the digital environment where it is all about being creative. But you have so much information on how to be creative and design everything from scratch so that your banner ad stands out amongst the crowd here at this blog! It is up to you to study your target market and figure out if they need animated bouncy ads or elegant fonts on neat backgrounds.

Announcing discounts and sales

Businesses looking to generate and increase revenue should be thinking about sales and discounts. What better way than with banner ads? For example, if it's Black Friday time, what better way to spread the word about your sale items than by designing black Friday-themed banners that promote them!

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