5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Business Against Theft & Burglary

July 19, 2022
July 19, 2022
5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Business Against Theft & Burglary

Statistics by the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention show that retailers lose goods worth $35 million daily to thieves. Also, it is estimated that four burglary cases are reported each minute. In both shoplifting and burglary incidents, businesses make huge losses. Therefore, as a retail owner, this necessitates implementing measures to ensure that your business is secured from the risk of theft and burglary. With that being said, here are proven steps to securing your business and preventing losses from theft and burglary. 

Install a security monitoring system 

To protect your business premises, it is crucial to install a security system that monitors your premises 24/7. An alarm system and CCTV surveillance cameras positioned will help keep your business secure. Once you install security cameras, you will easily record any suspicious criminal activities that may be dealt with to prevent burglary. On the other hand, alarm systems are crucial in alerting the police and security agencies of potential intrusion for quick action. An effective security system will keep your properties safe and discourage break-ins, saving you potential losses. 

Install security lighting

Reports show that 75% of burglaries take place in the evenings and at night. Criminals are known to operate in disguise and readily take advantage of poor lighting on your premises. Installing security lighting becomes an effective way of deterring criminals from breaking into your business premises. Ensure that lights are strategically positioned to illuminate a wide area and make it impossible for intruders to get to your business property unnoticed. Security experts recommend automatic lighting systems that go on at sunset and off at sunrise to reduce the risk of forgetting. 

Hire trained security guards 

The sight of uniformed security guards manning your business premises is an effective way of discouraging burglaries. However, in the event of a burglary, your armed security can professionally handle such emergencies and security breaches. Having security guards on your premises compliments the security alarm system in ensuring the safety of your business premise. 

Post security signage around your premises 

Erect visible security signs to inform the public that your building is under 24/7 surveillance.  This will discourage any thieves or opportunists who might plan to break into your shop. A security sign should also notify individuals of the presence of alarm systems on your premises. More importantly, security experts encourage cashless transactions to discourage any thoughts of breaking in by thugs. Place a sign showing “NO CASH ON PREMISES” for all and sundry to see. This will significantly reduce the risk of burglary and will save you money. 

Keep doors and windows closed 

Implementing a closed-door policy at your business premises will go a long way towards reducing the risk of burglary. More often, businesses where warehouse doors are left unattended report increased theft cases. Open doors on your premises allow potential burglars to survey and identify expensive items that can be stolen. Ensure that doors remain locked at all times if possible. Also, installing laminated doors and secure windows or tempered glass would be more helpful. Tempered glass is more robust and makes breaking impossible without causing alarm, discouraging burglars. 

Bottom Line

Burglaries are a common occurrence in many places where security is not enforced. Burglars take advantage of such security loopholes as open doors, easy-to-break windows, poor lighting, and the absence of surveillance systems. Burglaries are costly. Hence, it is crucial to reduce the risk of theft and burglary by having proper security measures in place.

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