4 Law Enforcement Technologies Transforming Criminal Investigation

March 2, 2022
March 2, 2022
4 Law Enforcement Technologies Transforming Criminal Investigation

Many decades ago, law enforcement agencies relied on their guts and a couple of old-fashioned and less effective gadgets to conduct investigations and apprehend criminals. Then, there were no cell phones, drones, polygraphs, tracking devices, CCTV cameras, and other high-end systems and devices that made crime-fighting and criminal investigation less stressful as it is today. 

Flash forward to the late 21-st century, rapid technological advancement has given law enforcement agencies, especially the Police, the upper hand in criminal investigation. This civil force now has access to a wide array of technologies that are massively transforming criminal investigation.

Care to know some of these remarkable technologies? Here are a few of them.

Let’s begin with the coolest.

1. Drones

Anyone who thinks drones aren't cool hasn't seen one before! Ever since these unique gadgets were enhanced, they have played an active role in:

  • Weather monitoring
  • Firefighting
  • Videography
  • Personal use
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Drone-based photography
  • Search and rescue
  • Of course, due to their many abilities and their aerial dominance, these UAVs are often used by law enforcement agencies to:
  • Conduct search and rescue
  • Gain aerial vantage points for crime scene work
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Crowd monitoring

Some advanced drones can be equipped with thermal imaging or 3D mapping software to provide GPS-enhanced precision to the places being surveyed. That's not all! There are also a lot of police drones that come with zoom cameras, making them effective for criminal investigations, high-speed police chases and other high-risk situations.

2. Digital Forensic Technology

If you were in the police force a century ago, you would understand how challenging it was to investigate a criminal case. Then, there was nothing like CCTV footage, DNA phenotyping, biosensors and fingerprint analysis, drone forensic, and other sophisticated tools that would have made crime-solving less stressful. However, today, we can rely on digital forensics tool for cracking cases involving digital evidence. These tools are effective in preserving, identifying, extracting, and documenting computer evidence for law procedures.

3. Video Doorbells

Imagine having an extra pair of eyes outside your door; that is what video doorbells are! These gadgets—which are widely used in several homes worldwide—have become an effective way to improve home security. They help homeowners screen visitors, lower their home insurance bills, and provide valuable video footage.

Aside from these functions, doorbells often help law enforcement with their criminal investigation. In fact, in 2020 alone, law enforcement agencies across the United States made over 20,000 requests for footage captured by Ring video doorbells, including other home-security cameras.

4. Smart Cruisers

If the Police need to perform their jobs effectively, they'll need quality Police gear and, of course, smart cruisers. Police cars have undergone a massive upgrade ever since the first police car—which came with a gong for a siren and a laughable cell in the back for prisoners—hit the streets of Akron, Ohio, more than a century ago. 

Today, technology has made it possible for Police to move around in cars that aren't only fast but comfortable and functional. Though these cruisers don't have giant cells at their back, they come with something more mind-blowing. Police cruisers of today have fingertip access to Wi-Fi connected laptops, tablets, in-dash computers, including enhanced dashcams for surveillance and information gathering.


Technological innovation has breathed life into several industries, especially policing and law enforcement agencies. As tech innovation keeps improving, we expect more technological improvements in crime-fighting, investigation, and policing in general. 

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