10 Real Estate Website Templates

August 20, 2023
August 20, 2023
10 Real Estate Website Templates

Potential clients are all over the internet as one can now access various platforms, whether social media or a website. In fact, 97 percent of homebuyers utilized the Internet to search for properties in 2020, according to the National Association of REALTORS Research Group. With this, your website serves as one of your most valuable tools as a real estate agent.  There are a few things to think about before starting your internet presence or if you are remodeling it, regardless of whether you’re constructing your first business’s website or thinking about upgrading your existing website.

In today’s competitive landscape, your website will be judged by customers for only a glimpse, and your ability to help them with their pain points is depending on their impression of your website. Research shows that you just have 50 milliseconds to establish a good first impression online before a potential customer decides whether to stay on your page or click on another search result. Consider a website makeover if you are dissatisfied with the website traffic and activity on your website in order to boost lead generation, bring in new customers, and position yourself as a chic and knowledgeable real estate specialist.

Website representation involves a lot of responsibility. Even though a picture makes a website more pleasing to the eye, your user experience, text, and entire brand identity must be compelling. For real estate websites, lead conversion heavily depends on trust. Make the finest online impression of your company to attract attention and potential customers.  It’s a well-executed blend of both functionality and form. As a real estate company, your website can speak so much about you.

The best real estate website layout options are custom sites, which provide the most creative freedom. Your real estate website design is very beneficial since it can be completely customized to your company, persona, and client approach, and the design features are virtually endless. Creating a website for it comes with various benefits, considering that you’ll stand out from the competition.  With your own website, you can get more leads and greater visibility.

Here’s how you can choose the right template for your website.

How to Choose a Real Estate Website Template for Your Needs

1. Understand Your Needs

The first step in building the website you need is determining what kind of site you need because not every real estate website is created equal. You must determine what you are as a marketer. Do you wish to exhibit a variety of properties on your website, or are you making one for only one? What style do you see for your website, and what function do you hope it will provide? If you know what your needs are then you can establish your website template. 

One important ingredient on your website is photos. Real estate images are helpful to real estate agents in convincing a potential buyer to purchase a listing quickly and for a higher price. If you like to create stunning images but want to remove unnecessary background on your photos you are free to try a background remover for real estate.

2. Consider your audience

The demographic makeup of persons towards which you are directing your sales efforts is known as your target audience. These are the persons who will probably work with you in real estate to buy or sell a house. To be as successful as possible in today’s industry, you need to target a very specific demographic. Taking the time to identify your real estate target market has several advantages, such as Increasing sales that help you with target marketing, and strengthening ties with more prospective clients.

Also, establishing your credibility and competence in that field by concentrating on a particular niche or customer group can help you position yourself as the go-to expert. And changing your strategy from gaining sales to upholding value where you understand the demands of the client or the consumer.

3. Do your research

Before you start putting your own website together, check some website examples, particularly on real estate. Look at the websites of local real estate companies and agents to see the ways they have structured their web pages. What options do they provide on their website in terms of features and services? By conducting research beforehand, you may learn from examples and determine how to both setup and use your real estate website to advertise your real estate firm.

4. Evaluate your options

A website is more than just a webpage. Another feature of your real estate website is having a wide array of options, including blog posts, inquiry forms, SEO, marketing tools, and more. Optional features like social media links, and payment apps ideally should be available for easy transactions. To completely functionalize your real estate website, make sure to select a template that includes a full toolbox of features. The platform in which you are developing your website is just as crucial as the real estate website template you select. Your website builder should provide top-notch templates that may help you grow your business and effectively market your property. 

Now that you know the things you should consider in choosing your real estate website template, let’s look into the 10 real estate websites you can try: 

10 Real Estate Website Templates 

1. Beyot

If you are trying to find the right theme for your real estate website, Beyot is the perfect option for you to put up a professional real estate website since it combines flexibility and intuitiveness with powerful features, cutting-edge capabilities, and a ton of shortcodes and themes that make it easy to design a real estate website quickly and within a few minutes.

2. Amuli

A stylish, modern WordPress theme for real estate is Amuli. It is an excellent and cutting-edge option for a recently built apartment building, commercial building, or rental property. The theme can be altered to act as a corporate page for a real estate firm or to market a specific piece of real estate.

3. Estato

Your website will have a fully responsive look with Estato that works seamlessly across all devices. Even if you have a skill gap, you can build as many pages as you like and use the elements throughout the demos. The theme is WooCommerce-ready, so your e-commerce site will launch immediately.

4. Wix

Wix makes the process of building your website as quick and simple as possible with pre-made themes for real estate brokers, investors, property owners, and more. Each template comes with a contact form, chatbot, and online reservations and events. To mention a few, there are featured properties, email marketing tools, and search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

5. Konato

The real estate website template Konato is great and has a feature-rich, contemporary style. It includes a variety of layouts that you may use as-is or further style and embellish. With Konato, there are a lot of possibilities and options, so be sure to fully utilize them. Carousels, a floating navigation bar, hover effects, a back-to-top button, and an agents section are a few examples of Konato’s features. You also get a working contact form, an about page, and blogs. 

6. Seapalace

The Seapalace real estate website template is contemporary, responsive, opulent, and simple to use. You can utilize it to build remarkable pages for all of your lodging businesses that will advance your initiatives. Seapalace has repeatedly shown that the results are masterpieces whether you use it precisely as is or modify it to meet your branding.

7. Real Estate Agency

With an elegant design, the Real Estate Agency template is perfect for usage by architects, real estate agents, property managers, and other professionals. It’s a full-screen template containing lots of white space, powerful fonts, and eye-catching graphics. Perfect for the real estate industry. The homepage has numerous content places for outlining your services, a featured property listing section for showcasing homes, a contact form, customer reviews, and easy navigation. You can easily alter everything you see to meet your website’s needs.

8. Realco

A premium Webflow template for e-commerce is called Realco. Perfect for real estate companies seeking to increase their online visibility. With the Webflow designer’s use of the Webflow CMS, text and visuals can be easily created and changed with plenty of space for personalization.Additionally, it offers pre-built e-commerce functionalities and smooth interactions with subtle custom interactions. Realco is highly responsive, designed to look great on any size screen, and allows you to provide your visitors with a speedy browsing experience. This makes it perfect for mobile users.

9. Dimora

Dimora’s flexibility enables professional designers to begin creating stunning designs. Users can engage with your website using the animations and interactions provided by Dimora for further refinement and functionality.  Additionally, it enables the design of eye-catching forms to expand your subscriber base and lead databases. Additionally, it provides flexible navigation that, when used on smaller devices, automatically condenses to a mobile-friendly layout.

10. Lux

With Lux real estate website template, you are provided with everything you need to build your individual website through a robust CMS and a fully responsive design. This operates without a hitch on all popular web browsers, tablets, and smartphones. It also comes with Retina Support where a website will appear beautifully and sharply on contemporary displays. You can also create new material or modify the built-in database to suit your project.

Outline Best Practices for Creating an SEO-Friendly Real Estate Site

Today, in the real estate market, there is intense competition. Use these tips to create a solid SEO foundation and be ultimately visible in local searches.

1. Identify the keywords that best describe your services and property listings.

Always remember that a real estate website depends heavily on its keywords. Your website presents your company to potential customers in real time when people are looking for the services you offer. Today, 95% of house buyers use the Internet at some point during the purchase process, with 44% of buyers beginning their home search online.

2. Make sure you produce high-quality, original content that is related to real estate.

Real estate content marketing entails producing web content or informative material, to inform buyers and sellers, advertise your brand, interact with customers, and provoke interest in vacant properties. By producing high-quality content marketing, you may engage your target market, and drive more visitors to your web page and social media profiles.

3. Use short, descriptive URLs for each page instead of generic ones

Well-crafted URLs can make it easier for Google to find and obtain the pages located on your e-commerce site. Write a distinct title tag for each page and description. Here are the following tips you may consider:

  • Be succinct but thorough
  • Keep your titles concise and general
  • Make click-worthy content, not clickbait
  • Do not exceed 60 characters
  • Try to match the search intent

4. Add descriptive alt text to images on your site.

‘Alt text’ is short for ‘alternative text. It is a brief textual explanation of an image that clarifies the image when it cannot be seen for any reason. Accessibility and search engine optimization of your website depend on alt text written effectively. You can incorporate this into your photos on your real estate website.

5. Create XML Sitemaps

Using an XML sitemap, you can add further details about each of the pages on your website, including when it was most recently modified and how frequently it is normally updated. Search engines can use this information to assess how frequently to crawl your internet presence and whether the content of a page is updated.

6. Link Building

A SEO tactic that improves your ranking is link building. Links are the ways the algorithms of search engines determine how important a page is. If a website’s material receives a lot of links or backlinks, it must be valuable. 

7. Make sure you are listed in local directories.

The creation of local business listings online is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO for your company. You may make it simpler for potential consumers in your neighborhood to locate you online by providing crucial details like your business name, address, telephone number, website URL, and operating hours. 

8. Encourage customer reviews

As they are written by genuine consumers and are based on their actual experiences, customer reviews will assist you in building confidence and trustworthiness for your business and its products and services. This will emphasize the true worth which helps you in your branding.


When you create a website using one of our real estate website templates, you have a substantial edge and a lot more opportunities to close big deals. Using the 10 real estate website templates, you can easily gain an advantage over your rivals. Even when competing against the big names in the sector, investing in SEO and knowing how to choose a real estate website template for your needs can help you rank well.

What are you waiting for? Utilize the templates for your website to stay competitive.


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