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Hey there, thank you for showing interest in contributing to Score LA. In case you have an idea that will help our readers, do get in touch. 

We are always looking for new perspectives on topics about careers, the modern workplace, business improvement, marketing, and finance. We’d love to hear what you have to say! 

Benefits of Writing For Us

With the range of topics we offer, we are able to attract significant readership. When you write for us, you will get to witness this firsthand. We are sure to credit you with a bio at the end of your post, and you can get your content out there for new readers. 

Our main focus is to give our readers quality content. You can share your relevant experiences in your articles. 

We suggest going through our website to review some of the articles we have published. This will help you generate a topic of your own, as well as understand the level of quality we expect from our writers.

Some Guest Post Examples:

  • Amazon Wants You To Pay With A Wave Of Your Hand
  • American Airlines Pilots Landing In Los Angeles Spotted A 'guy In A Jetpack' Just Three Hundred Yards From Their Passenger Jet.
  • LA County Authorities Cautious Despite Declining COVID Numbers
  • Lights, Camera, No Action: Insurance Woes Beset Entertainment Industry Workers
  • Google To Provide Core Technologies For LA Rams, Chargers, And Sofi Stadium

Please remember that only original content will be published. Any content that has been published elsewhere won’t be included on our website. We also do not encourage press releases, auctions, spun posts, etc. 

Make sure the article you submit addresses the following criteria: 

  • It should have a clear argument. It shouldn’t just be a list of tips or tricks. 
  • Make the narrative engaging and relevant. 
  • Remember that your audience is business owners, consultants, designers, developers, and other people looking to stay updated with the business industry. 
  • Cite sources if need be. Support your compelling arguments with evidence. 

What We Publish

We only publish top-notch written content ranging from 800 to 1500 words. These include – but are not limited to – the following topics: 

  • Business News, Updates, Events, and Trends
  • Marketing and Consultancy 
  • Tutorials 
  • Reviews 
  • Ultimate Guides
  • Case Studies 

How To Submit Guest Posts 

You can email us your written content at [email].

After you submit your article, here’s what happens next: 

  • Our editorial team will review your submission thoroughly and decide if it meets our criteria. 
  • If your article is accepted, we will work on its formatting and fix any errors if need be. 
  • We will notify you once your article has been approved and published. 

We encourage you to send us some sample work together with your new content ideas. We provide a platform to all enthusiastic writers that have valuable information to share. Please contact us at [details] for any questions or queries. 

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