WonderCon to Add Zing to Early Spring in Anaheim – NBC Los Angeles

March 7, 2023

What to Know

  • WonderCon at Anaheim Convention Center
  • March 24-26, 2023
  • Over 900 exhibitors, starry panels, cosplay events, and more will summon the magic of films, TV series, anime, comics, games, and more

THE FIRST WEEKEND OF SPRING... feels like it should be some official holiday, an especially auspicious occasion, the sort of event that appears on every calendar surrounded by cartoon flowers and smiling suns. Even if the weekend is damper and cooler — and so often, it really can be — springtime's first Saturday can feel like sitting at the very top of a playground slide. So doing something that matches that anticipatory spirit feels like the only way to go, though "where to go" is often the central question. That will be answered, with oomph and excitement, when thousands of fans pack their pop-iest costumes and make for the Anaheim Convention Center. That's where WonderCon will again fly in, landing with the ease of a confident superhero and the spunk of a character who knows that some great adventures are just ahead.

MARCH 24 THROUGH 26... are the 2023 dates, giving you time to make your travel plans and, perhaps more importantly, finish up your fashion-forward cosplay look. For plenty of attendees don the attire of their favorite fictional figures, the ultra- cool characters that populate the pop culture worlds we adore. When you're not showing off your sartorial splendor outside of the convention center, you'll want to head indoors to peruse the 900-plus vendors, saunter through the incredible Artists' Alley, and take a seat at a panel or special event. Some of the 2023 treats include "We Are Groot: Large/Bulky Cosplay on a Budget," a look at "Empathy and the Antihero," and a celebration of practical make-up, with lots more colorfully filling out the itinerary.

AUTOGRAPH OPPORTUNITIES... are also a popular part of the three-day party, as is the Masquerade, which is when some of the most glam'd-out, super-complex costumes make their dazzling debuts. For the full schedule, tickets, and everything Wonder-ful, flutter your cape and fly for the WonderCon site now. By the by, if you remember this convention taking place in San Francisco for many years, you're correct: It was a celebrated Bay-close staple for a good long while. Also important? It's part of the Comic-Con International family of outsized popular arts expos.

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