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March 7, 2023

What to Know

  • Little River Whale Festival features Bloody Marys, a beach campfire, and more from March 10-12
  • Fort Bragg's Whale Festival Wine Walk will feature great sips and stirring sights on March 18
  • A Whale Festival Craft Fair will take place in Fort Bragg on March 18 and 19

MARITIME IN MARCHTIME: There may be a notable chill in the air across much of California as March begins, the sort of weather that has landlubbers bundling up, but out in the ocean? Gray whales are in the busy and important throes of migrating. Spying a spyhopping whale or breaching behemoth is a thrill this time of year — or really any time, to be honest — as is the chance to join in a joyful land-based bash that honors some of the largest animals on the planet. Dana Point Harbor's huge Whale Festival just swam through the first weekend of the month, but there are some whale-y cool happenings afoot, or afin, rather, in Little River and Fort Bragg. True, Mendocino County is synonymous with the sizable superstars, especially in March, but the region's big party is on hold for now, with the full festival set to return in 2024. But cetacean lovers can find ocean-close fun in 2023, first up in Little River over the second weekend of March, and then in Fort Bragg, where a craft fair and wine walk will flower the following weekend.

THE LITTLE RIVER EVENTS... begin on March 10, with a sunset Whale Campfire at Van Damme State Beach. You can join a Whale Watch Walk on March 11 at Spring Ranch Barns, and cheer on the Battle of the Bloody Marys at Little River Inn on March 12. Oh yes, and this is cute: A Whale of a Treasure Hunt will keep young ocean enthusiasts engaged on March 11. If you're still firmly in a whale-centric state of mind the following weekend — and we suppose just about every maven of these majestic animals will be — you'll want to turn your sights to Fort Bragg, where a whale-themed wine walk is taking place, and a craft fair, too. Even if you can't make it to these two marvelous Mendo County communities for their maritime/Marchtime whale events, finding whale-themed fun in the area is not too difficult. For more aquatic inspiration, visit Visit Mendocino for more fluke-fun adventures.

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