Today’s Wordle #582 Hint, Clues And Answer For Sunday January 22nd

January 22, 2023

I’m ready for a lazy Sunday but I’m not sure I’ll get one. I’ve been hitting the gym hard this last week, ever since I finally recovered from my two-week cold. Hitting the gym, jogging on the treadmill in the garage, taking the dogs out on hikes in four feet of snow. I’m sore, I’m tired.

Yeah, well after I hit the gym today, I’m having a lazy Sunday. Maybe just watch some new movies and TV shows, maybe go play some Pathfinder (a tabletop roleplaying game) or maybe just hit ye olde video games for some run-and-gun fun. We shall see. But it’s lazy Sunday for me all the way.

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But first, we have a Wordle to solve!

How To Solve Today’s Wordle (With Spoilers!)

The Hint: Pirate talk.

The Clue: This word starts with a consonant.

The Answer:




Ahoy matey! Hey look, my spell-check doesn’t even consider today’s Wordle a correct spelling! That’s kind of funny.

In any case, I was unbelievably lucky today. I blame the weight loss challenge I’m doing. I’ve decided to go with a ‘mostly plants’ approach to eating (thanks Michael Pollan) and avoid—but not entirely rule out—meat, dairy and other animal products. I’m also cutting way back on oils, including the calorie-dense, fatty olive oil everyone seems to think is healthy despite it being...just a lot of calories and not much else.

So I guess that’s why I was thinking meaty when I sat down to do today’s Wordle. Veggie doesn’t fit. Maybe fruit for tomorrow! What I didn’t expect was to rule out all but one possible solution, which was pretty obvious given I filled all five boxes on my first go (three yellows and two greens bookending them!)

So that’s 2 points for guessing in two and 1 point for beating Wordle Bot (who took four guesses today) for a whopping 3 points! That’s the most I’ve gotten in a very long time! Huzzah!

Have a radical, bodacious and amazing Sunday, my droogies! Peace!

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