Today’s Wordle #579 Hints, Clues And Answer For Thursday, January 19th

January 19, 2023

Well the first month of the Year of our Lord 2023 is passing as rapidly as I expected it would. Two weeks of sickness for your humble narrator. Two weeks ago on Wednesday I went to an OrangeTheory fitness class (this is a High Intensity Interval Training group class, also referred to as HIIT) and by the time I went to bed I knew I was coming down with something. Two weeks later, while still not quite back to 100%, I was back at it—huffing and puffing on the treads and rowers, trying not to die on the weight floor.

Oh, and it’s ridiculously snowy still. Well, it’s sunny and cold but the snow’s piled up, and the plow left a massive berm of ice-packed awfulness in front of my house:

On a more positive note, I did a really fun interview with the cast of the wonderful animated fantasy show The Legend Of Vox Machina, so if you’re at all interested in that or the Critical Role stuff, or D&D in general, check it out right here.

MORE FROM FORBES'The Legend Of Vox Machina' Cast Interview: Talking Season 2 With The Cast Of Amazon's Best Fantasy Show

Alright, let’s do this Wordle!

Today’s Wordle Solution w/ Spoilers!

The Hint: Dirty, filthy, messy.

The Clue: There are more consonants than vowels in this word.

The Answer:

I was a little sad about this one. I wanted to get lucky with my third guess, but luck was not on my side. It turns out, chain was a better opener than I thought at the time. With just one yellow box I figured there would be all sorts of possible solutions left, but Wordle Bot shows otherwise. With just 57, I was off to a better start than I realized.

Unfortunately, proud left me with six, which isn’t a ton but still leaves you with a roll of the dice (quite literally if you’re using a traditional six-sided die). In any case, Wordle Bot says they would have chosen yucky instead of mucky, but that actually didn’t occur to me. I rarely guess double letters because I like to rule out as many as possible, so I went with mucky for the win.

Fortunately, it took World Bot five guesses today—slate / crony / yucky / ducky / mucky—so I still win! HAHAHAHAHAHA. He seriously guessed yucky-ducky-mucky!

That’s 0 points for guessing in 4 and 1 point for beating the Bot for a grand total of 1. Huzzah!

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